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IF-B01 A Miniaturized Wideband Symmetric 3×3 Nolen Matrix with Phase Compensation Technique
Hongmei Liu, Hongxiao Zhang, Da Yu, Zimeng Zhao and Xinshuo Wang (Dalian Maritime Univ., China)
IF-B02 Wideband Planar Rat-Race Coupler with Small In-Band Phase Deviation Error
Hongmei Liu, Jiahui Wang, Xinshuo Wang, Junhao Ren and Shuyi Chen (Dalian Maritime Univ., China)
IF-B03 Inductive Bandpass Filters Based on Half-Mode Groove Gap Waveguide
Stephan Marini and Carlos Vázquez-Sogorb (Universidad de Alicante, Spain); Miguel Ferrando-Rocher (Universidad de Alicante, Spain, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain); Aitor Morales-Hernández (Universidad of Alicante, Spain)
IF-B04 Extraction Algorithm for the Characteristics of the Microwave Connector with Correction Algorithm
Yunsang Shin and Sangwook Nam (Seoul National Univ., Korea)
IF-B05 Mutual Coupling Reduction of MIMO Antenna Using Metamaterial Absorber for 5G Base Stations
Dinh Hai Truyen Hoang, Vu Xuan Trung Nguyen, Trong Toan Do, Duc Nhat Nguyen, Thi Anh Vu and Quang Nhuong Tran (VHT, Vietnam)
IF-B06 Numerical Investigation of D-Band Rectangular Dielectric Waveguides and Their Bending Effects
Hiroaki Takahashi and Michael Ernst Gadringer (Graz Univ. of Tech., Austria); Siegfried Krainer (Infineon Technologies, Austria); Helmut Paulitsch and Wolfgang Bösch (Graz Univ. of Tech., Austria)
IF-B07 Reconfigurable GaAs Bandpass Filters Using Cascading of Lowpass and Highpass Filters
Jincheng Li (Research Center of Advanced RF Chips and Systems, China, UESTC, China); Pei-Ling Chi (NCTU,Taiwan); Xilin Zhang (UESTC, China); Xu Zhu and Xiang Li (Northern Institute of Electronic Equipment of China, China); Yong Wang and Tao Yang (Research Center of Advanced RF Chips and Systems, China, UESTC, China)
IF-B08 Optimal Design for Acoustic Wave SAW Extractor with Simple Matching Circuits
Min-Yuan Yang and Ruey-Beei Wu (NTU, Taiwan)
IF-B09 Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Using Two Ring Structures with Good Out-Of-Band Suppression
Shuo Yang (JiLin Univ., China); Chun-Ping Chen (Kanagawa Univ., Japan); Xiaolong Wang and Geyu Lu (Jilin Univ., China)
IF-B10 Novel Wideband Linear-Circular Transmission Type Polarization Converter with Bandwidth Adjustment Including Mechanical Tunability for K-/Ka-Bands
Mandala Pavansuth Reddy, Mohammad Abdul Shukoor and Sukomal Dey (IIT Palakkad, India)
IF-B11 A Planar Microstrip TM0 Mode Launcher for Single Conductor Transmission Line
Swati Varun Yadav and Ashish Chittora (BITS-Pilani, India)
IF-B12 Compact and Wideband Filtering Power Dividers with Arbitrary and Constant Output Phase Difference
He Zhu and Y. Jay Guo (Univ. of Tech. Sydney, Australia)
IF-B13 A Compact 8 × 8 Butler Matrix Based on Folded Structure with Vertical Transition
Hui Chen and Hui Chu (NJUST, China)
IF-B14 Design of Planar BPF Based on Hexagonal-Lattice Metallic PhC Structure in 28GHz Band
Liangchao Jiang, Chun-Ping Chen, Jiaxing Fan, Ming Wang, Takaharu Hiraoka and Tetsuo Anada (Kanagawa Univ., Japan)
IF-B15 Novel Design Method of Constant Bandwidth Tunable Filters Based on Circuit Theory
Toshio Ishizaki and Takayuki Matsumuro (Ryukoku Univ., Japan)
IF-B16 Unequal LC-Ladder Divider with Broad/Dual-Band Characteristics Utilizing Two-Frequency Matching
Masatoshi Fukunaga, Tadashi Kawai and Akira Enokihara (Univ. of Hyogo, Japan)
IF-B17 On the Applications of Microstrip-to-Slotline Transition in Ultra-Wideband Components
Zahra Shaterian (Gdansk Univ. of Tech., Poland, TVU, Iran); Ali K. Horestani (Gdansk Univ. of Tech., Poland, A&S Institute, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Iran); Michal Mrozowski (Gdansk Univ. of Tech., Poland)
IF-B18 A Novel Compact Dual-Band Filter Based on SICL Structure
Yanbei Yang, Yane Zheng and Yuandan Dong (UESTC, China)
IF-B19 Optimal Design of NRD Isolator Using Ni-Zn Ferrite Post for Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuit Applications
Tahir Bashir (Muroran Inst. of Tech., Japan); Keita Morimoto (Univ. of Hyogo, Japan); Akito Iguchi and Yasuhide Tsuji (Muroran Inst. of Tech., Japan); Tatsuya Kashiwa (Kitami Inst. of Tech., Japan)
IF-B20 Design of a X-Band Miniaturized T/R Module Based on LTCC Substrate
Jin Gao, Xiaojiang Yao and Shenhui Fan (NUPT, China)
IF-B21 Design of A Tunable Dualband Microstrip Bandstop Filter
Ching-Wen Tang and Yang-Hsin Fan (CCU, Taiwan)
IF-B22 Enhancement of Nonreciprocal Phase Shift in Curved Composite Right/Left-Handed Metamaterial Lines by Using Corrugation Structures
Mikiya Oshima, Takumi Kondo, Takumu Ideguchi, Hiroyuki Kurosawa and Tetsuya Ueda (Kyoto Inst. of Tech., Japan)
IF-B23 Design of a Wideband Millimeter Wave Optically Transparent Absorber Covering the V-, W-, and D-Bands
Longxin Wan and Xiaofei Xu (Shanghai Univ., China)
IF-B24 A Double-Ridged Waveguide Design for 5G mmWave Applications
José Moreira (Advantest Europe GmbH, Germany); Sergey Churkin (Radiogigabit, Armenia); Jan Hesselbarth (Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany)
IF-B25 300-GHz-Band Diplexer Module for Frequency-Division Multiplexed Wireless Communications
Yuma Kawamoto, Toki Yoshioka, Norihiko Shibata, Daniel Headland and Masayuki Fujita (Osaka Univ., Japan); Ryo Koma, Ryo Igarashi, Kazutaka Hara and Jun-ichi Kani (NTT Corp., Japan); Tadao Nagatsuma (Osaka Univ., Japan)
IF-B26 Non-Foster Elements Pave the Way to Design Novel Wideband and Tunable Bandpass Filters
Nikita Kalmykov and Dmitry Kholodnyak (Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical Univ., Russia)