Conference Topics


Active Devices and Circuits

Low-noise devices and circuits / high-power devices and circuits / wide band-gap devices / microwave tubes / control circuits (mixers, oscillators, switches, etc.) / MMICs / RFICs / millimeter-wave and THz integrated circuits / graphene devices / rectennas, and others.


Passive Components

Passive components and circuits (couplers, hybrids, and dividers/combiners) / planar and non-planar resonators, filters, and multiplexers / waveguides and transmission lines / ferrite, SAW, RF MEMS components / LTCC devices / packaging and manufacturing techniques / metamaterials / plasmonic and optical components / nanomaterials, and others.


Field Analysis, Simulation and Characterization Techniques

EM field theory / analytical methods and numerical techniques / CAD and optimization algorithms / modeling and simulation techniques for multiphysics / interaction of EM waves with materials and tissues / measurement techniques and systems from RF to THz / EMC, and others.


Antennas and Propagation

Antenna theory and design / microwave and millimeter-wave antennas / sub-THz, THz, and optical antennas / broadband and multi-band antennas / small antennas / array antennas / active, adaptive, reconfigurable, and smart antennas / MIMO antennas / digital beamforming and multi-beam systems / scattering and propagation / channel characterization / antenna measurements, and others.


Systems and Applications

Microwave and millimeter-wave systems / sub-THz and THz systems / MIMO systems / sensing and IoT/M2M/RFID systems / near-field communication systems / microwave photonic components and systems / radar and imaging systems / software defined, cognitive, and smart radio systems / satellite communication systems / wearable devices and systems / mobility systems, and others.


Emerging Technologies and Applications

5G, Beyond 5G, and 6G systems / artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in microwaves / wireless power transfer devices and systems / energy harvesting devices and systems / microwave superconductivity and quantum technologies / microwave biological and medical applications / health monitoring systems / microwave heating and chemistry applications, and others.