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Pacifico YOKOHAMA is the largest international convention center in Yokohama and has 30 years of experience in hosting large-scale international events. As one of the world's largest complex MICE facilities, such as conference rooms, exhibition halls, and hotels, and because of its beautiful and unique appearance, it has become a landmark in Yokohama.

It is located in the southwest of Yokohama Station and is easily accessible. It takes 30 minutes from Tokyo and 10 minutes by subway (Minato-Mirai-Line) from Yokohama Station.


Opened in 1859, Yokohama is celebrating its 150-year tradition of being the largest trading port of Japan. It is conveniently located 30 kilometers south of downtown Tokyo. The conference venue is in the MINATO MIRAI district, a collection of hotels, shopping malls, and restaurants.

You may find pop Japanese culture in Akihabara, a town famous for electronics and animations, and historical Japanese flavor in Asakusa in downtown Tokyo.

In Kamakura and Nikko, which are just day-time trips from Yokohama, you will be impressed by Japanese historical shrines, traditional temples and beautiful natural scenery.

Japanese scenic spots are very comfortable since they were laid out for walking at leisure.

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