Covid-19 Updates

Please note that this information is based on the announcement from the Japanese government as of October 11, 2022, and might be altered again before the conference starts.

Current COVID-19 measures and policies in Japan

The government of Japan loosened their "border measures" against Covid-19 at 0:00 on October 11, 2022 (UTC+9). For details, please see the following page:

Before you enter Japan…

1) Have an "Entry Visa" ready.

Some non-Japanese citizens may need to have an entry visa beforehand. But there are more than 60 countries/regions that have "visa exemption arrangements" with Japan, the nationals of which will not be required to obtain a visa to enter Japan, and they will just need to show their valid passport. For details, please see the following page on our website:

2) Prepare a "Valid Vaccination Certificate" or "Pre-Departure Test Certificate".

All entrants into Japan, whether you are Japanese or non-Japanese, must submit either of the two following documents at the immigration gate on your arrival;

   A) a valid vaccination certificate (3 doses)

   B) a negative certificate of COVID-19 inspection test within 72 hours before departure

3) Pre-register in "Visit Japan Web."

You should pre-register yourself in "Visit Japan Web" at least "6 hours" prior to your flight's arrival time. It is preferable that you do this before you board the airplane to Japan. You should also submit either "your valid vaccination certificate" or "your pre-departure test certificate" into Visit Japan Web beforehand. This will make it easier and smoother for you to go through the airport quarantine procedures.

For further details, please see the following page:

4) Make sure that you have "Travel Insurance."

Some foreign residents may not be applied to Japanese public medical insurances, so we recommend that you take out a travel insurance to cover all the medical expenses during your stay in Japan.

5) "On-arrival Tests" and "Isolation" will not be required.

Basically, you will not be required to have any "on-arrival tests" nor "isolation" at the time you enter Japan, unless you seem to have any Covid-19-like symptoms on your arrival.

Covid-19 Measures at the Venue

At the conference venue, "Pacifico YOKOHAMA," we kindly ask you all to do the following things. We very much appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

1) Mask Wearing

Inside the buildings and facilities of the conference venue, Pacifico YOKOHAMA, please wear a non-woven fabric mask.

2) Body Temperature Measurement

We will place thermometers at the entrances of Annex Hall and Exhibition Hall D, so please check your body temperature before you go in.

In case you have a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, we will have to ask you not to enter Annex Hall nor Exhibition Hall D. In that case, we will contact the health center and consult them for advice what to do next. You may have to go back to your hotel, but you will still be able to attend the conference online.

3) Hand Disinfection

Hand disinfection is encouraged at the entrances of Annex Hall and/or Exhibition Hall D. You should be able to find alcohol hand sanitizerso almost everywhere in the conference venue, so please use it as often as possible, especially before you eat or drink something.

4) Social Distancing

Please practice social distancing when you feel too close to others, and also please talk modestly.