Paper Submission

Final manuscript submission

The authors who received the notification of acceptance MUST submit their final manuscript following the procedure below. After the paper is accepted for publication, the withdrawal is not permitted in principle (See the paper submission guidelines here).

* The deadline for final manuscript submissions is September 21, 2022 (11:59 PM Hawaii Time).

* Reconfirm carefully the names, affiliations, and e-mails of all the authors as well as the manuscript title completely conform with those registered in EDAS system. Note that no change will be accepted after the deadline of the final submission.

* The final manuscript must be submitted in the same format as the initial submission for review. The paper template can be downloaded from the buttons at the top of this page.

* Make sure that the paper, including figures, tables, and references, does not exceed the 3-page limit. The final manuscript must be prepared in a PDF file, with the file size less than 3MB. Embed all fonts in the PDF file.

* The final manuscript PDF file must be checked by IEEE PDF eXpress before submission to ensure that it is IEEE Xplore-compliant. IEEE Xplore-Compatible PDF file can be created by IEEE PDF eXpress.

  • - Go to, and have your Word(.docx) or PDF file checked. Conference ID is 55665X for APMC 2022.
  • - When creating a new account, activate your account by clicking "click for account activation" shown in your received e-mail: "IEEE PDF eXpress: Account Confirmation".
  • - IEEE Xplore-Compatible PDF can be obtained by one of the following methods:
    • (1) Upload your Word (.docx) file to IEEE PDF eXpress. Then IEEE PDF eXpress converts Word file to IEEE Xplore-Compatible PDF file.
    • (2) Upload your PDF file converted from your source file to IEEE PDF eXpress.Then IEEE PDF eXpress converts your PDF file to IEEE Xplore-Compatible PDF file.
  • - The checking process is easy, but you can refer to the manual at

* Then, the IEEE Xplore-Compatible PDF file must be submitted to EDAS to complete the final manuscript submission.

* Designate "Presenter", who will make a presentation at the Conference, in the EDAS system when uploading the final manuscript.

* Copyrights of all the accepted papers are to be transferred to The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE). All the accepted and presented papers will be submitted to IEICE Proceedings Series. Check the checkbox of the copyright transfer shown in EDAS system.

* All the accepted and presented papers will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore database after the Conference.

* Finally, the presenting authors of the accepted papers must complete their pre-registration for the conference by September 21, 2022 (11:59 PM Hawaii Time), with all the payments completed.

Presentation Category

Oral Session (hybrid format)

  • 01 ln-person Presentation:
    The presenting authors of accepted papers in oral sessions can present their papers at the venue. The presentation time of regular papers is 20 minutes including Q&A time. The presentations will be live streamed through Zoom. The presenters just share their presentation slides and use microphone at their assigned session room.
  • 02 Virtual Presentation:
    If it is difficult to present papers at the venue, the presenting authors can present their papers online in their assigned session time through Zoom. Q&A will also be performed in the hybrid format. The presenter must attend the assigned session in real time. Zoom meeting links will be provided in Whova web/mobile app, which is a hybrid conference platform of APMC 2022.
  • 03 Video Presentation (for backup):
    All the presenters in oral sessions must submit their video presentations (movie file), which are used for backup in case the presenter fails to share his/her slides correctly. The instructions will be announced later.

Virtual Interactive Forum (online)

  • 04 On-demand Video Presentation:
    All the presenters of the Interactive Forum must submit 10-minutes video presentation (movie file). The Virtual Interactive Forum will appear in Whova web/mobile app, which is a hybrid conference platform of APMC 2022. The Virtual Interactive Forum provides fruitful discussions anytime and anywhere in the conference period.
  • Poster Presentation at the Venue:
    The presenting authors of accepted papers (Interactive Forum) can present their papers not only in the Virtual Interactive Forum (online) but also the Poster Session at the venue in Yokohama.

    If they wish to do so, they must answer the following questionnaire in EDAS at the final manuscript submission.

    "Do you wish to present your paper in poster sessions at the venue?"

    Poster boards will be prepared at the venue at the request of presenting authors, and the poster sessions will be assigned on December 1st or 2nd.

    Please note that 10-minutes video presentation in the Virtual Interactive Forum is mandatory for presenting authors of accepted papers (Interactive Forum).

    The instructions for both video and poster presentations in the Interactive Forum will be posted on the APMC 2022 website.