APMC 2022
Workshops and Short Courses

Call for Proposals for Workshops and Short Courses

APMC 2022 will provide exciting workshops and short courses conducted by a group of specialists in a wide range of interesting and timely subjects. Proposals for workshops and short courses must be received by April 22, 2022. Please send your proposal to TPC Chair Masataka Ohira (workshops@apmc2022.org). Workshop/Short Course Proposal template should be used.

The Workshop proposal should provide the following information

  1. Proposed Workshop Title
  2. Half-day or full-day workshop
  3. Workshop Organizer(s) (Name, Affiliation, Email)
  4. Workshop Abstract (Provide a succinct description in ~ 300 words)
  5. Workshop Justification (Briefly describe the importance of this topic and its relevance to the microwave community)
  6. Participation Plan (Participation of attendees is an important aspect of workshops. Briefly describe your approach and plan to actively engage and involve attendees of the workshop)
  7. List of speakers (Name, Affiliation, Presentation Title, Email, and Brief biography)
  8. Proposer(s) (Name, Affiliation, Email, Phone, Brief biography)

The Short Course proposal should provide the following information

  1. Proposed Short Course Title
  2. Half-day or full-day short course
  3. Short Course Organizer(s) (Name, Affiliation, Email)
  4. Short Course Abstract
  5. Course Syllabus (Describe the course content below or attach a separate syllabus)
  6. Briefly describe why you believe that this short course should be given during APMC 2022, highlighting the significance of the topic and the interest to the microwave technical community.
  7. Are you aware of this or a similar topic previously being presented as a short course? If so, explain how this proposed short course will be different.
  8. Briefly describe the Short Course Learning Objectives and Outcomes.
  9. Briefly describe the Method of Presentation.
  10. Briefly describe the Material to be distributed to the Attendees.
  11. Detailed information of proposed Instructors
  12. Proposer(s) (Name, Affiliation, Email, Phone, and Brief biography)

Important Information

  • Workshop/Short Course fees waivers will be granted to no more than two organizers of a given workshop/short course. Workshop/Short Course fees will be waived for Workshop Speakers/Short Course instructors who submit notes by the specified deadline and in the correct format.
  • Accepted Workshop/Short Course will be scheduled on the first day of the APMC 2022. Organizers are expected to inform their speakers accordingly.
  • Accepted Workshop/Short Course will be held online only.
  • Half-day Workshop/Short Course will be scheduled at 9:30-12:30. Full-day Workshop/Short Course will be scheduled at 9:30-16:30 (including one hour lunch time)

Click here for a proposal template

  * APMC 2022 Workshop Proposal Form
  * APMC 2022 Short Course Proposal Form

Important Dates

Proposals Submission Deadline: April 22, 2022
Notifications to Proposers: April 28, 2022
Workshops/Short courses: November 29, 2022