Common to all tracks

QC1 : If we have a team of two or more members to sign up both Active Track and Passive Track, do we need everyone to fill out the sign up form?

AC1 :  Neither active nor passive track accepts team participation, but only individual participation.

QC2 : I want to enter both Active Track and Passive Track. Could you tell me how to enter?

AC2 :  You need to sign up for each track.

QC3 : Is it necessary for the participant to register in IEICE?

AC3 :  No, you do not need to be a member of IEICE to participate in SDC. However, members of the APMC 2022 sponsoring organizations listed below will receive privileges of membership.

Active Track

QA1 : Where can I get the CE3514M4-C2 transistor model file?

AA1 :  You can download the S-parameter file from the following URL.

Passive Track

QP1 : Will I be required to present the design method for the PCB filter that will be submitted?

AP1 :  No, we do not require contestants to present the design method for the PCB filter.

QP2 : Will the committee ask for the intellectual property and/or the copyright for the filter?

AP2 :  No, we do not ask for them. However, we advise contestants to take necessary measures for patents and other intellectual property rights beforehand.

QP3 : Should we submit the proposal before the deadline ?

AP3 :  A proposal form is not required in passive track.

WPT Track

QW1 : When is the video upload deadline?

AW1 :  Scheduled for mid-November.Once the date is decided, we will update the schedule column.