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Technical Session

Wednesday, December 08  08:50-10:30

Room A (301)


Low Distortion Power Amplifier Technology
Chairs : K. Yamauchi, Mitsubushi Electric Corp., JAPAN | H. Jiang, Alcatel-Lucent, U.S.A.
Experimental Investigation on Wideband Intermodulation Distortion Compensation Characteristics of 3.5-GHz Band 140-W Class Feed-Forward Power Amplifier Employing GaN HEMTs
Y. Suzuki, J. Ohkawara, S. Narahashi, NTT DOCOMO, Inc., JAPAN
Minimization of Baseband Electrical Memory Effects in GaN HEMTs Using Active IF Load-Pull
M. Akmal¹, J. Lees¹, V. Carrubba¹, S. Bensmida², S. Woodington¹, J. Benedikt¹, K. Morris², M. Beach², J. McGeehan², P. Tasker¹, ¹Cardiff Univ., U.K., ²Univ. of Bristol, U.K.
Performance of a Frequency Compensated EER-PA with Memoryless DPD
T. Kato¹, Y. Funahashi¹, A. Yamaoka¹, K. Yamaguchi¹, J. Zhou², K. Morris², G.T. Watkins³, ¹Toshiba Corp., JAPAN, ²Univ. of Bristol, U.K., ³Toshiba Research Europe, Ltd., U.K.
Digital Predistortion Using Adaptive Basis Functions
X. Yu, H. Jiang, Alcatel-Lucent, U.S.A.
A Simple Envelope Model for Nonlinear Power Amplifiers with Memory Effects Based on Volterra Expansion
Y. Zhang, K. Araki, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN
Room B (302)


Wide Band Planar Filters
Chairs : C.-P. Chen, Kanagawa Univ., JAPAN | Q. Xue, City Univ. of Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Design of a Wideband Band Pass Filter Using Microstrip Parallel-Coupled Dual-Mode Ring Resonator
Z. Ma¹, H. Sasaki¹, C.-P. Chen², T. Anada², Y. Kobayashi¹, ¹Saitama Univ., JAPAN, ²Kanagawa Univ., JAPAN
Design of Wideband Diplexer Using Broadside-Coupled Filters and Stepped-Impedance Resonators
P.-H. Deng¹, C.H. Chen², B.-L. Huang³, J.-H. Jheng³, H.-H. Tung¹, P.-T. Chiu¹, ¹National Univ. of Kaohsiung, TAIWAN, ²National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN, ³National Univ. of Tainan, TAIWAN
Design Procedure of Wideband Band-Pass Filter Consists of Inter-Digital Finger Resonator and Parallel Coupled Lines
Y. Omote, T. Yasuzumi, T. Uwano, O. Hashimoto, Aoyama Gakuin Univ., JAPAN
Ultra Wideband Bandpass Filter with Dual Notch Bands
H.-W. Wu¹, M.-H. Weng², C.-Y. Hung³, ¹Kun Shan Univ., TAIWAN, ²Metal Industries Research & Development Center, TAIWAN, ³Tung-Fang Institute of Technology, TAIWAN
Design of a Compact UWB Bandpass Filter with Notched Band
Q.-X. Chu, X.-K. Tian, South China Univ. of Technology, CHINA
Room C (303)


Microwave Applications
Chairs : Y. Nikawa, Kokushikan Univ., JAPAN | T. Mitani, Kyoto Univ., JAPAN
Wireless Energy Harvesting Using Serially Connected Voltage Doublers
J.W. Zhang, L.B. Wang, K.Y. See, C.M. Tan, C.C. Boon, K.S. Yeo, M.A. Do, Nanyang Technological Univ., SINGAPORE
Study and Development of a Microwave Power Receiving System for ZigBee Device
N. Suzuki, T. Mitani, N. Shinohara, Kyoto Univ., JAPAN
Microwave Energy Focusing for Heating Using Metamaterial
Y. Nikawa, T. Takase, Kokushikan Univ., JAPAN
Microwave Absorption Characteristics of Liquid Compounds for an Efficient Microwave Pretreatment System of Woody Biomass toward Bioethanol Production
K. Yano, T. Mitani, N. Shinohara, M. Oyadomari, M. Daidai, T. Watanabe, Kyoto Univ., JAPAN
Intra Car Communications System Using Radio Hose
K. Fujita, H. Sawada, S. Kato, Tohoku Univ., JAPAN
Room D (304)


CAD and Numerical Techniques
Chairs : G. Xiao, Shanhai Jiao Tong Univ., CHINA | J. Shibayama, Hosei Univ., JAPAN
Full Wave Analysis of Large Non-Uniform Metallic Grid FSS Under Oblique Incidence Using Scale Changing Technique
E.B. Tchikaya¹², A. Rashid¹², F. Khalil¹², H. Aubert¹², M. Romier³, N. Fonseca¹²4, ¹LAAS-CNRS, FRANCE, ²Université de Toulouse ; UPS, INSA, INP, ISAE ; LAAS, FRANCE, ³CNES, FRANCE, 4ESA/ESTEC, NETHERLANDS
Embedding Thermo Analysis in the Process of Solving Electromagnetic Problems
G. Xiao, Y. Zhou, L. Zhang, J.-F. Mao, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., CHINA
Correction Factors for Field Singularity at 45º Corners in the Finite-Difference Analysis of Microstrip Circuits
T. Shibata, NTT Corp., JAPAN
Simple Frequency-Dependent FDTD Algorithm for a Drude-Critical Points Model
J. Shibayama, K. Watanabe, R. Ando, J. Yamauchi, H. Nakano, Hosei Univ., JAPAN
Parallel and Distributed Solution for 3-Dimensional TDFEM Analysis in Computational Electromagnetics
X. Wu, Y. Jin, L. Zhou, Fudan Univ., CHINA
Room E (311+312)


Low Profile and Small Antennas
Chairs : P. Hsu, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN | K. Noguchi, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, JAPAN
A Novel Design of Dual-Band Antennas with Orthogonal Radiation Patterns for MIMO Applications
A. Saitou¹, Y. Hoshino¹, Y. Aoki², K. Honjo¹, ¹The Univ. of Electro-Communications, JAPAN, ²Casio Computer Co., Ltd., JAPAN
Design of E-Shaped Patch Antennas by Using the Multi-Conductor Transmission Line Mode Theory
K. Noguchi¹, H. Rajagopalan², Y. Rahmat-Samii², ¹Kanazawa Institute of Technology, JAPAN, ²UCLA, U.S.A.
Conductor-Backed Coplanar Waveguide Fed Circular Coplanar Patch Antenna
J.-H. Chen, S.-Y. Chen, P. Hsu, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN
Triple-Band Antenna Design for DVB-H / PCS / WLAN
S.J. Oh, S.Y. Park, J.K. Park, Hanbat National Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA
Effect of Film Thickness on the Radiation Efficiency of a 4.5GHz Polypyrrole Conducting Polymer Patch Antenna
A. Verma¹, C. Fumeaux¹, V.-T. Truong², B.D. Bates¹², ¹The Univ. of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA, ²Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), AUSTRALIA
Room F (313+314)


Design and Implementation Techniques for Microwave Filters 1
Chairs : C. Quendo, Université Européenne de Bretagne, FRANCE | K. Sato, NTT DOCOMO INC., JAPAN
A Miniaturized Bandpass Filter Using Quadruple Folded Laminated Waveguide Cavity Resonators in LTCC
T.-Y. Huang, T.-M. Shen, R.-B. Wu, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN
C-Band Inductive Post SIW Alumina Filter for a Space Application. Experimental Analysis of the Thermal Behavior
A.E. Mostrah¹², B. Potelon¹², E. Rius¹², C. Quendo¹², J.-F. Favennec¹², H. Leblond³, H. Yahi³, J.-L. Cazaux³, ¹Université Européenne de Bretagne, FRANCE, ²Université de Brest-UEB, FRANCE, ³Thales Alenia Space, FRANCE
Microstrip High-Pass Filter with Attenuation Poles Using Cross-Coupling
T. Yasuzumi, T. Uwano, O. Hashimoto, Aoyama Gakuin Univ., JAPAN
Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter with Ultra-Broad Stopband
H.-J. Tsai¹, J.-Y. Chen¹, N.-W. Chen², ¹National Central Univ., TAIWAN, ²Yuan Ze Univ., TAIWAN
Design and Implementation of the Canonical-Form-Like Coupling Scheme with Generalized Chebyshev Responses
J.-C. Lu¹, Y.-W. Lin², C.-Y. Chang², ¹Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., TAIWAN, ²National Chiao Tung Univ., TAIWAN