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Workshop Program

Nov. 29 (Thu)

B [ Special Sessions on Creating the Future of Wireless Innovations ] / D [ The Society 5.0 Related Sessions ]

TH1A  Special Session

Nov. 29 (Thu)  09:00-11:00   Room 1 (Annex Hall F201)
Latest Technology of AI and Quantum Computer: Quantum Annealing Born in Japan
Organizers :   Takana Kaho (NTT)
Chair :   Shuhei Tamate (The Univ. of Tokyo)
Research and development of quantum computer aiming at application to artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing in recent years. Commercial quantum computer was sold by D - Wave of Canada, IBM and NTT also developed quantum computer and cloud service. Basic technology supporting quantum computer was born in Japan.
In this workshop, Dr. Kadowaki, the inventor of quantum annealing theory, will explain the quantum computer and quantum annealing method. The difference of the two types of quantum computers, and recent progress in quantum annealing will be introduced. Moreover, activities for developing applications in quantum computing in DENSO will be presented. Fujitsu Laboratories also provides cloud services, Digital Annealer (DA), using simulated annealing with conventional digital circuits. DA is a hardware architecture which can solve combinatorial optimization problems using Isingmodel based structure. The advantages of DA are fully-connected structure and parallel searching technology for bit update. Dr. Shimokawa will present these specific features of DA and some examples of more practical application which can be solved using DA.

Keyword : AI, Quantum Computer, Quantum Annealer, Combinatorial optimization problem, Fully-connected structure, Ising model
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1 Current status of Quantum Computing and Quantum Annealing
Tadashi Kadowaki (DENSO Corp.)
2 Introduction of Digital Annealer and Its Applications
Satoshi Shimokawa, Toshiyuki Miyazawa, Kazuya Takemoto, Toyoo Miyajima, Taisuke Iwai, Hirotaka Tamura (Fujitsu Lab.)
B [ Special Sessions on Creating the Future of Wireless Innovations ] / D [ The Society 5.0 Related Sessions ]

TH1B  Special Session

Nov. 29 (Thu)  14:00-16:00   Room 1 (Annex Hall F201)
IoT Technologies for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
Organizer / Chair :   Hiroyuki Ito (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
Data-driven agriculture and livestock industry exploiting IoT and machine learning have been promoted. Measurement techniques applying highfrequency and electronic circuit technologies have been researched and developed to meet strong needs such as digitization of growth status, risk detection and prediction, and automatic evaluation of quality.
This workshop introduces advanced sensing technologies using light, sound, microwave (terahertz and sub-mm wave), and impedance measurements.

Keyword : Terahertz Wave Application, Sub-mm Wave Sensor, Optical Sensing, Acoustic Sensing, Electro-Chemical Gauging, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Taste Evaluation
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1 Optical and Acoustic Sensing Technologies in Agriculture, Livestock and Aquaculture
Naoshi Kondo (Kyoto Univ.)
2 Application Study of Terahertz Wave for Agriculture and Development of Sub-MMW Near-Field Array Sensor
Yuichi Ogawa (Kyoto Univ.)
3 A Case of Taste Evaluation Utilizing Electrical Characteristics
Mayumi B. Takeyama (Kitami Inst. of Tech.)
F [ Clear Understanding of Wireless Technologies, Tutorial Sessions ]

TH2A  Tutorial

Nov. 29 (Thu)  09:00-11:00   Room 2 (Annex Hall F202)
Basic Learning of Antennas and Propagation
Organizer / Chair :   Tomohiro Seki (Nihon Univ.)
The history of terrestrial mobile communications starting with pagers is surprisingly old, and the fundamental concept of antenna propagation in the fifth generation (5G) remains unchanged. However, in order to cope with high speed and multimedia, operation frequency increase and bandwidth expansion are essential, and technical progress has been made to improve processing speed and software. As a result, apparent scatterers (people, buildings, etc.) became larger, and the propagation characteristic resolution improved. In the fifth generation mobile communication system, it is necessary to work closely with active beam technology that utilizes this technology advance, cognitive and MIMO technology.
In this lecture, I begin with the basic design concept of mobile communication antenna/propagation research, and introduce the latest application technology. I will also briefly mention terminal antennas and describe further design points of antenna systems in mobile communications, which will become important in the future of people's lives.

Keyword : Antennas and Propagation, Wireless Communication Systems, Mobile Communication, Electromagnetic Field Analysis
D [ The Society 5.0 Related Sessions ]

TH2B  Workshop

Nov. 29 (Thu)  14:00-16:00   Room 2 (Annex Hall F202)
A Fusion of Drone and Cellular Wireless Network and its Application
Organizers :   Takuichi Hirano (Tokyo City Univ.)
Chair :   Teruya Fujii (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
Recently, a fusion of Drone and cellular mobile system is promising. The technologies that send the information obtained by camera and sensors mounted on the Drone and that operate Drone from a remote location via cellular mobile network as a wireless communication tool are collecting a lot of attention. These technologies are called as a Cellular Drone technology lately.
This work shop session will have a discussion about the Cellular Drone technology and its applications.

Keyword : Propagation characteristics, Millimeter wave, Drone, Path loss, 5G
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1 Initiatives toward realization of Smart Drone
Masafumi Hirono, Tomoaki Matsuki, Hiroshi Sugita, Atsushi Matsugatani, Tomohiro Oohashi (KDDI)
2 Mobile Communication for Drone Flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight
Takefumi Yamada, Huiling Jiang, Sho Yoshida, Takayuki Isogawa, Wuri A. Hapsari, Takashi Hara (NTT DOCOMO, INC.)
3 Location Identification System of Natural Disaster Victims using Cellular Repeater System Mounted on Drone
Teruya Fujii (Softbank, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Yoshichika Ohta, Kazuki Matsuura, Susumu Yoneda, Takeshi Chiba (Softbank)
4 Path Loss Measurement by Using Drone for Spectrum Sharing
Mitsuki Nakamura, Wataru Yamada, Motoharu Sasaki, Yasushi Takatori (NTT)
C [ New Fundamentals of Wireless Technologies, WPT Technologies ]

TH3A  Workshop

Nov. 29 (Thu)  09:00-11:00   Room 3 (Annex Hall F203)
Regulation, Standardization, EMC, and Human Exposure for Wireless Power Transfer
Organizer / Chair :   Yukio Yokoi (JSAE WPT System Technical Committee)
This session covers current status and target timeline for WPT, regulation and standardization, unwanted emission requirements (EMC), assessment of human exposure. For WPT of mobile and EV, regulations and standardization status mainly of FCC and UL will be reported. Deliberation status and target timeline by CISPR/B/WG1 for class A or B group 2 equipment for performance of type tests will be reported. Methods for the assessment of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields associated with human exposure for WPT under deliberation by IEC TC106. Will be also reported.

Keyword : WPT, Regulation, Standardization, IEC, CISPR, EMC, Assessment of Human Exposure
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1 Regulation and Standards for WPT of Mobile and EV
Masahiro Hanazawa (UL Japan)
2 Activity of CISPR/B/WG1/AHG4 to Introduce Limit Level and Measurement Method of WPT for EV
Nobutaka Misawa (TDK)
3 IEC TC106 Activities on Assessment Methods of WPT Related to Human Exposure
Teruo Onishi (NTT DOCOMO, INC.)
C [ New Fundamentals of Wireless Technologies, WPT Technologies ]

TH3B  Workshop

Nov. 29 (Thu)  14:00-16:00   Room 3 (Annex Hall F203)
Introduction to Practical Application of Mobile Wireless Power Transfer System
Organizer / Chair :   Toshiaki Watanabe (TOYOTA Central R&D Labs., Inc.)
Due to the concern for environmental problems, various vehicles are becoming more electrified, and dependence on electric energy tends to increase more and more. In this trend, wireless power transfer technology can be said to be a key technology that influences the acceleration to electrification.
In this session, the latest research and development trend for practical application of wireless power transfer technology to various vehicles from small vehicles such as drones and AGVs to large vehicles such as buses are introduced.

Keyword : Wireless Power Transfer, Electrification, Electric Vehicle, Inductive Coupling, Magnetic Resonance Coupling
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1 Wireless Power Trasfer System Development in Daihen
Yoshinori Tsuruda (DAIHEN Corp.)
2 Wireless Charging System for Passenger Vehicles (EVs/PHEVs)
Eiichiro Fujiwara (IHI Corp.)
3 The Trend and Problem of the Wireless Power Transfer System for Large Electric Vehicle
Shunsuke Takahashi (WASEDA Univ.)
E [ The Origins of Wireless Technologies, Fundamental Technologies ]

TH4A  Workshop

Nov. 29 (Thu)  09:00-11:00   Room 4 (Annex Hall F204)
Recent Simulation Techniques of Metamaterials and Their Applications in Microwave Devices
Organizers :   MWE 2018 Exhibition Committee
Chair :   Hiroshi Okabe (Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.)
Metamaterials, which exhibit unusual EM properties not found in any known naturally occurring materials, have been opening a new research avenue in the field of electromagnetic wave and underscoring the remarkable potentials to realize novel microwave devices with a miniaturized size, very-fast-speed and extremely-high-efficiency. Meanwhile, with the rapid development of the computer technology, numerical simulation techniques have been making a significant contribution to the accurate design of microwave devices based on metamaterials.
In this session, the focused issues related to the stateof- the-art, and the outlook of the applications of the simulation technology in the design of microwave devices using metamaterials will be presented.

Keyword : Metamaterial, Simulation, Microwave, Application
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1 Simulation and Modeling Techniques for Artificial Metamaterial Designs
Atsushi Sanada (Osaka Univ.)
2 Trend of Simulation on Ferrite Loaded Composite Right / Left - Handed Metamaterial
Kensuke Okubo (Okayama Prefectural Univ.)
3 Recent Progress on Metamaterials with Broken Time-Reversal and Space-Inversion Symmetries and Their Applications
Tetsuya Ueda (Kyoto Inst. of Tech.)
A [ Present and Future of 5G Era, 5G Related Sessions ]

TH4B  Workshop

Nov. 29 (Thu)  14:00-16:00   Room 4 (Annex Hall F204)
New Evaluation Methods and EMI with Respect to Radio Waves from 5G System
- OTA, Exposure Assessment, and EMI with Medical Devices -
Organizer / Chair :   Onishi Teruo (NTT DOCOMO)
The session introduces new evaluation methods and electromagnetic interference (EMI) related to radio waves from 5G system.
There are three topics that are the Over The Air (OTA) which measures radio waves without cables connected to base station antennas, exposure assessment method for devices operating over 6 GHz, and investigated results of EMI with medical devices.

Keyword : 5G, OTA, Exposure assessment, Medical devices, EMI
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1 Over The Air Performance Evaluations on 5G Base Stations
- OTA Measurements for Active Antenna Systems -
Atsushi Fukuda, Kunihiro Kawai, Hiroshi Okazaki, Yasunori Suzuki (NTT DOCOMO, INC.)
2 Assessment Methods of Power Density for Wireless Technologies Operating over 6 GHz
Kensuke Sasaki (NICT)
3 Electromagnetic Interference with Medical Devices from Mobile Phones Including Candidate Frequency Bands for 5G
Junji Higashiyama, Teruo Onishi (NTT DOCOMO, INC.)
D [ The Society 5.0 Related Sessions ]

TH5A  Workshop

Nov. 29 (Thu)  09:00-11:00   Room 5 (Annex Hall F205)
Medical Application of Microwave and Plasma
Organizer / Chair :   Takuichi Hirano (Tokyo City Univ.)
Progress of medical service enables new diagnosis and preventions, which lead higher quality of life and comfort level. Progress of medical equipment also largely contribute to the progress of medical service.
In this session, professional researchers will explain application of microwave and plasma to medical problems. The presentations cover electromagnetic properties of biological tissue, microwave tomography development for medical imaging, and the plasma treatment in perinatal medicine.

Keyword : Medical, Microwave, Plasma, Tomography, Imaging, Electromagnetic Property
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1 Electromagnetic Properties of Biological Tissue in RF and Microwave Frequencies and Their Applications
Yoshio Nikawa (Kokushikan Univ.)
2 Microwave Mammography Enabling Pathological Diagnosis - Proposal of New Tumor Markers -
Yoshihiko Kuwahara (Shizuoka Univ.), Kimihito Fujii (Aichi Medical Univ.)
3 The Effectiveness of the Plasma Treatment in Perinatal Medicine by Hemodynamic Assessment
Akira Mori, Seika Matsuda, Takamichi Hirata (Tokyo City Univ.)
E [ The Origins of Wireless Technologies, Fundamental Technologies ]

TH5B  Workshop

Nov. 29 (Thu)  14:00-16:00   Room 5 (Annex Hall F205)
Recent Technology of Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Band
Organizers :   Takana Kaho (NTT)
Chair :   Hiroyo Ogawa (NICT)
Various applications are advanced by improving device technology of millimeter waves and terahertz waves. Imaging is highly expected among applications expected of terahertz technology.
In this workshop, various evaluation results will be introduced by Dr. Housako. Teraheltz-wave takes advantage of the following features; transparency to plastic, wood, paper, etc., spatial resolution of about millimeter, discrimination of substances derived from the presence of multiple absorption lines. Secondly, Dr. Futatsumori will introduce an FOD detection system (Foreign Object Debris, FOD) that automatically detects a small FOD to improve safe operation of aircraft and runway use. It uses a 96 GHz band millimeter wave radar using Radio Introduce-over-Fiber and linear cell method. He also introduces test results of a helicopter obstacle detection support system using radar in the 76 GHz band. Finally, Dr. Taniguchi will introduce a 40 GHz fixed radio system for wireless backhaul system of 5th generation mobile communication system. It was developed based by a proprietary technology as "Directional Division Duplex (DDD)", and evaluated them as operational test on real field. This DDD method is an innovative method such that can achieve twice the frequency utilization efficiency such that compared with TDDmethod or FDD-method.

Keyword : Millimeter wave, Terahertz, Imaging, Radar, 5G Mobile, Backhaul
F [ Clear Understanding of Wireless Technologies, Tutorial Sessions ]

TH6A  Tutorial

Nov. 29 (Thu)  09:00-11:00   Room 6 (Annex Hall F206)
Introduction to the Design of Microwave Filters: Fundamentals and Design Examples
Organizers :   Chun-Ping Chen (Kanagawa Univ.)
Chair :   Tamio Kawaguchi (Toshiba Corp.)
As a tutorial for beginners and refreshers, this session attempts to introduce the fundamentals of design of microwave filters.
First, the necessary knowledge required in the design of the filters will be presented. Then, after the explanation of the general synthesis methods, Octave (a free software compatible with Matlab). based programs for the synthesis of the filters will be interpreted in detail. Moreover, with design examples, issues on how to realize the synthesized circuit models in substrates and how to apply the simulation in pattern design will be discussed.

Keyword : Microwave filter, Theoretical design, Equivalent Circuit, Simulation
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  Introduction to the Design of Microwave Filters: Fundamentals and Design Examples
Chun-Ping Chen (Kanagawa Univ.)
A [ Present and Future of 5G Era, 5G Related Sessions ] / F [ Clear Understanding of Wireless Technologies, Tutorial Sessions ]

TH6B  Tutorial

Nov. 29 (Thu)  14:00-16:00   Room 6 (Annex Hall F206)
Amplifier Technology for 5G Era
Organizer / Chair :   Yasushi Yamao (The Univ. of Electro-Communications)
Multiband microwave power amplifier techniques are strongly required for realizing concurrent multiband systems with higher and wider frequency bands in 5G.
For this issue, a basic concept of a multiband amplifier operation is explained. In addition, issues in the concurrent operation are also explained based on recent reports about dual-band amplifiers. Nonlinear Compensation techniques for broadband and multiband amplifiers are also presented.

Keyword : 5G, Amplifier, Multiband, Broadband, Nonlinear Compensation, DPD
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1 Dual-Band Amplifiers and Related Technologies
Ryo Ishikawa (The Univ. of Electro-Communications)
2 Nonlinear Compensation for Broadband and Multiband Wireless Systems
Yasushi Yamao (The Univ. of Electro-Communications)
F [ Clear Understanding of Wireless Technologies, Tutorial Sessions ]

TH7B  Getting Started

Nov. 29 (Thu)  13:30-15:00   Room 7 (Exhibition Hall Workshop Space)
Basis and Practice for Microwave Circuit Assembly
Organizers :   MWE 2018 Exhibition Committee
Chair :   Ryosuke Suga (Aoyamagakuin Univ.)
When designing and assembling circuits, we should give various attention to which is not listed in circuit diagrams. Therefore, it is necessary that an engineer understand assembly.
In this TH7B session, basic idea and important points on microwave circuit fabrication are introduced.

Keyword : Microwave Circuit, Assembly, Manufacturing
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1 Overview of Microwave Circuit Assembly
Rei Katoh (Japan Radio Co., Ltd.)
2 Design Viewpoint
Hidenori Ishibashi (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
3 Production Viewpoint
Rei Katoh (Japan Radio Co., Ltd.)
4 Comprehensive Discussion

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