Microwave Workshop & Exhibition:Nov.28-30,2012 in Pacifico Yokohama,JAPAN
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Workshop Program

Workshop 01-02

D [ Systems ]

Workshop 01

Nov. 27 (Wed)  13:30-16:00   Annex Hall F203
Wireless Power Transmission Supported by Microwave Technologies
Organizers :  Naoki Shinohara (Kyoto Univ.), Hiroyuki Kayano (Toshiba Co., Ltd.)
Chair :  Naoki Shinohara (Kyoto Univ.)

Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) is one of most innovative technologies. We are apt to focus on resonance or antenna technologies with which electric power is transmitted. But circuit technologies, which include generation of high frequency and rectifier, and impedance matching technologies and so on, are also important for the WPT. They are based on microwave technologies.
In this session, we focus on the previous and recent WPT supported by the microwave technologies.

Keyword : Wireless Power Transmission, High Power Amplifier, Power Electronics, Rectifier, Recettna
1Resonance Power Transmission Using a Microwave Dielectric Resonator
Yoshiaki Fujiyama (Ube Industries, Ltd.)
2Design of Wireless Power Transfer System Applying Class-E Switching Technique
      - From Power Electronics Viewpoint -
Hiroo Sekiya (Chiba Univ.)
3High-Efficiency Microwave Power Amplifier and Rectifier
Kazuhiko Honjo, Ryo Ishikawa (The Univ. of Electro-Communications)
4A History of Microwave Power Transmission and Rectenna
Yoshiyuki Fujino (Toyo Univ.)


A [ Passive Circuit, Antennas ]

Workshop 02

Nov. 27 (Wed)  13:30-16:00   Annex Hall F204
Small Antenna Technology for Portable Wireless Terminals
Organizers :  Takuichi Hirano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Chair :  Hisashi Morishita (National Defense Academy)

Smart phones and tablet terminals become widely used these days. Antennas used in those terminals are embedded, and unaware of users. However, the antenna technologies for portable terminals are very important issue.
This session discusses small antenna technology and antenna technologies for PCs and tablets. Present issue and solutions for the future will be discussed.

Keyword : Antenna, Small, Portable Wireless Terminal
1Evaluation of Requisite Design Area of Small Antenna for Handset Devices
Tuan Hung Nguyen, Hisashi Morishita (National Defense Academy)
2Antennas for PCs and Tablets
Ippei Kashiwagi, Akihiro Tsujimura (Toshiba Corp.)
3Planar Antenna for Millimeter-Wave System-in-Package (SiP)
Tomohiro Seki, Munenari Kawashima (NTT Corp.)


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