Microwave Workshop & Exhibition:Nov.28-30,2012 in Pacifico Yokohama,JAPAN
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Workshop Program

Workshop 03-08

D [ Systems ]

Workshop 03

Nov. 28 (Thu)  09:00-11:30   Annex Hall F203
Recent Trends in Medical Applications of Microwave Technologies
Organizer / Chair :  Akimasa Hirata (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

With the recent advances of microwave technology, application of microwave to medicine attracts attention. In this workshop, the following three topics are highlighted;
(i) thermal therapy, (ii) diagnosis technique based on microwave imaging, and (iii) wireless communications in medicine.
In these three talks, the speakers emphasized measured and computational techniques needed for further improvement of each system, together with the recent trend in the corresponding areas.

Keyword : Hyperthermia, Microwave Imaging, Wireless Body Area Network, Phantoms, Realistic Human Body Models
1Development of Therapeutic Devices by Microwave Thermal Effect
Kazuyuki Saito (Chiba Univ.)
2Early Breast Cancer Detection by Microwave Imaging
Yoshihiko Kuwahara, Saori Miura, Yusuke Nishina, Kaishi Mukumoto (Shizuoka Univ.), Hiroyuki Ogura, Harumi Sakahara (Hamamatsu Univ. School of Medicine)
3In-Body High-Speed Transmission of Vital Information with Wideband Impulse Radio Scheme
Jianqing Wang (Nagoya Institute of Technology)


D [ Systems ]

Workshop 04

Nov. 28 (Thu)  09:00-11:30   Annex Hall F204
Wireless Personal Area Smart Sensor Network
Organizer / Chair :  Toshihiko Hamasaki (Hiroshima Institute of Technology)

Smart sensing system with WPAN is considered to be one of the future infrastructures of social security. Autonomous sensor node is necessary and the ultra low-power communication protocol such as ZigBee has been proposed for last decade. However, the system utilization has been limited in some specific industry area and there are still some issues in order to expand the application spaces.
In this workshop, recent achievements will be demonstrate for wireless device, sensor node, networking and application technology, respectively.

Keyword : Smart Sensor, Sensor Network, WPAN, Autonomous Sensor
1Wireless Sensor Network for M2M Cloud Computing
Takanori Shimura, Hiroshi Hanyu, Nobuyuki Ishioka, Takuya Fukui (Hitachi, Ltd.)
2Recent Trend of Wireless Sensor Network for Agriculture
Hiroshi Shimamura (eLAB Experience Corp.)
3Fabrication of Multi-Modal Sensors for On-site Monitoring for Agriculture and Stock Breeding,
      and Expectation of Wireless Sensor Network
Kazuaki Sawada (Toyohashi Univ. of Technology), Masato Futagawa (JST-CREST)
4Multiband-Multimode Radio Technologies and Its Wireless Sensor Network Applications
Takaaki Adachi (Panasonic Corp.)


A [ Passive Circuit, Antennas ]

Workshop 05

Nov. 28 (Thu)  13:30-16:00   Annex Hall F203
Recent Advancement in Transformation Electromagnetics and Metamaterials
Organizers :  Atsushi Sanada (Yamaguchi Univ.)
Chair :  Tetsuya Ueda (Kyoto Institute of Technology)

Development of artificial metamaterials composed of an array of subwavelength constituents that exhibit unusual electromagnetic properties is being accelerated.
This workshop will focus on recent progress of metamaterials such as cloaks of invisibility based on transformation electromagnetics, non-reciprocal metamaterials, antennas and other radiative applications.

Keyword : Transformation Electromagnetics, Metamaterials, Non-Reciprocal Metamaterials, Metamaterial Antennas
1Transformation Electromagnetics and Their Applications
Atsushi Sanada, Tsutomu Nagayama (Yamaguchi Univ.)
2Non-Reciprocal Metamaterials and Their Applications
Tetsuya Ueda (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
3Metamaterials for Antenna Applications
Naobumi Michishita (National Defense Academy)


D [ Systems ]

Workshop 06

Nov. 28 (Thu)  13:30-16:00   Annex Hall F204
High-Speed Mobile Radio Communication Techniques
Organizers :  Hiroshi Okazaki (NTT DOCOMO, INC.)
Chair :  Makoto Taromaru (Fukuoka Univ.)

Continuous technology improvements are required for realizing further high speed and large capacity systems in mobile radio communications.
This workshop consists of the following three topics.
The first paper introduces BWA related technologies for the success of mobile WiMAX system. The second and third papers introduce cellular system rerated technologies for ultra high speed and large capacity radio access network utilization and those for improving cell boundary transmission speed, respectively. Each of the papers will also present the newest results.

Keyword : Mobile Communication, High Speed, WiMAX, 4th Generation Cellular System
1Technology for the Success of Mobile WiMAX
Kazuo Hara (UQ Communications Inc.)
2Technologies for Ultra High-Speed and Large-Capacity Mobile Radio Access Network Realization
Yukihiko Okumura, Shoichi Narahashi (NTT DOCOMO, INC.)
3Multiple Base Station Cooperative Transmission Control for Faster Cell Boundary Transmission Speed
Teruya Fujii, Takao Okamawari, Atsushi Nagate, Manabu Mikami (Softbank Mobile Corp.)


C [ Measurement Techniques ]

Workshop 07

Nov. 28 (Thu)  13:00-14:30   Exhibition Hall D - Workshop Space
Recent Progress in Acceleration Technology of Electromagnetic Simulation
Organizers :  Takuichi Hirano (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Tsugumichi Shibata (NTT Corp.)
Chair :  Nagayoshi Morita (M Wave Solver Laboratory)

Graphics processing unit( GPU), which enables massively parallel computation, has large influence on the field of numerical simulation. Application of GPU for acceleration of computation in electromagnetic field simulation based on the Method of Moments and FDTD method will be presented.

Keyword : Graphics Processing Unit(GPU), Electromagnetic Simulation, Acceleration, Method of Moments, FDTD
1Acceleration of Electromagnetic Simulation Based on Method of Moments
      Using Graphics Processing unit (GPU)
Branko Kolundzija, Dragan Olcan (the Univ. of Belgrade), Dusan Zoric (WIPL-D)
2Acceleration of Large-scale Stencil Computation using Multiple GPUs (Graphics Processing Units)
Takayuki Aoki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


C [ Measurement Techniques ]

Workshop 08

Nov. 28 (Thu)  15:00-16:30   Exhibition Hall D - Workshop Space
Verification of Accuracy for Electromagnetic Simulators by Canonical Problems
Organizers :  Hiroshi Okabe (Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.), Takuichi Hirano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Chair :  Yuki Higashide (Murata Software Co., Ltd.)

Electromagnetic (EM) simulators are necessary nowadays for simulation of high frequency circuits. Last year, canonical problems (conductor/dielectric sphere, dipole antenna, patch antenna, waveguide slot antenna, standard gain horn antenna, on-chip spiral inductor and on-chip capacitor) were prepared and tips to solve those problems using EM simulators were discussed.
This year, accuracy and speed of simulation will be discussed using some of canonical problems.

Keyword : Electromagnetic Simulator, Canonical Problem, Accuracy
1Verification of Accuracy for Electromagnetic Simulators by Canonical Problems
Shinichiro Ohnuki (Nihon Univ.), Takuichi Hirano (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Hiroshi Okabe (Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)


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