Microwave Workshop & Exhibition:Nov.28-30,2012 in Pacifico Yokohama,JAPAN
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Workshop Program

Opening Ceremony / Keynote Address / Special Lecture

Opening Ceremony

Nov. 27 (Wed),  10:00-10:05@  Annex Hall F201+F202
Welcome Message from the Steering Committee Chair
Takao Kuki (NHK Engineering System, Inc.)

Keynote Address

Nov. 27 (Wed),  10:05-10:55@  Annex Hall F201+F202
The Latest Radio Frequency Policy in Japan
Yoshiaki Takeuchi (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

Implementing reallocation of frequency is necessary to meet the demand of radio use, which is growing due to the expansion of smartphone services in recent years: mobile data communication traffic has increased at a pace of approximately two times in one year.
With this situation in mind, the latest radio frequency policy and regulation will be discussed such as establishing the environment of global wireless broadband, introducing new wireless systems and so on.


Special Lecture

Nov. 27 (Wed),  11:00-11:50@  Annex Hall F201+F202
Past, Current, and Future in Reconfigurable Transceivers
Kiyomichi Araki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

In 1990fs a concept of software-defined radio has been proposed by Mitola. A reconfigurability of the operating parameters; center frequency, bandwidth and power level in transceivers only altered by software is one of the most important features in the software-defined radio to realize a versatile transceiver.
Here we will review research and development works in the field of reconfigurable transceiver, and discuss its future trend of this technology. In addition our work on a design of direct sampling receivers will be introduced on the topics of the reconfigurability of several these frequency characteristics; image rejection, passband widening, etc. with an enhancement of digital assist technology.


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