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Seminar Program - Keynote Address

Keynote Address

Nov. 30 (Wed)  11:00-12:00Exhibition Hall D, Pacifico Yokohama
Latest Trends in Radio Frequency Administration in Japan
Naohiko Ogihara (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
In Japan, various efforts are being made to realize the "Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation" that connects with the world by promoting the implementation of digital technologies from local regions, which will create a new wave of innovation, and narrow the gap between local and urban areas. The use of radio waves, including 5G and Beyond 5G, is an indispensable infrastructure for preparing digital platforms to support the realization of this vison.
Against the background of rapidly increasing demand for the use of radio waves, this lecture introduces latest trends in radio policies, including the rollout of new systems for promoting more efficient use of radio waves.

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