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General Information

Outline of MWE 2023

Title   MWE 2023 (2023 Microwave Workshops and Exhibition)
Period   Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 2023
Venue   Exhibition Hall D & Annex Hall, Pacifico Yokohama
Sponsored by   IEICE APMC Japan National Committee
Supported by   Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Sponsored by 
IEICE Technical Committee on Microwaves
IEICE Technical Committee on Electronics Simulation Technology
IEICE Technical Committee on Integrated Circuits and Devices
IEICE Technical Committee on Electron Devices
IEICE Technical Committee on Antennas and Propagation
IEICE Technical Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility IEICE Technical Committee on Wireless Power Transfer
IEICE Technical Committee on Microwave Photonics and Terahertz Photonic-Electronics Technologies
IEEE MTT-S Japan / Kansai / Nagoya Chapters
Japan Society of Electromagnetic Wave Energy Applications
Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging
IEEJ Investigating R&D Committee on Advanced Technology for Pioneering Next-Generation Electromagnetic Applications
IEEJ Technical Committee on Communication
IEEJ Research Committee on MBSE / MBD / Digital Twin for Communications
IEEJ Research Committee on ICT-based Smart Technologies and Their Social Implementation
IEEJ Research Committee on Communication Technologies Promoting Ubiquitous Work
JSPS No. R024 Committee on Electromagnetic-Wave-Excited Reaction Field
Wireless Power Transfer Consortium for Practical Applications
Contact   IEICE APMC Japan, Secretariat of MWE 2023 / Microwave Exhibition 2023
c/o Real Communications Corp.
3F Shin-Matsudo S Building, 1-409 Shin-Matsudo, Matsudo, Chiba. 270-0034, Japan
TEL. +81-47-309-3616   FAX. +81-47-309-3617
E-mail :

Opening Ceremony and Keynote Address

The opening ceremony will start at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 29th at the Room 1iF201 and F202 in the Annex Hall.)

Following the opening ceremony, keynote addresses will be given in harmony with the key concept of the event "Microwave-Leveraged Future Society".
Yuji Nakamura (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) will give a keynote address on "Trends in Radio Frequency Policies in Japan" and Teruya@Fujii (Specially Appointed Professor, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.) will deliver a keynote address entitled "Next-Generation 3D Spatial Cellular Configuration Integrated HAPS and Beyond 5G/6G in Mobile Communication".

Microwave Workshop

For novice microwave engineers basic tutorial lectures and introductory courses will be held, while eminent researchers from both overseas and Japan will present their work on cutting edge technologies at special sessions and workshop sessions in the Annex Hall and Exhibition Hall D. Some of the exhibitors of the exhibition will also conduct technical seminars to highlight their products.

Microwave Exhibition

Microwave Exhibition will be held at Exhibition Hall D in Pacifico Yokohama as a part of MWE 2023 from Wednesday Nov. 29 to Friday Dec. 1. More than 400 microwave-related companies from all over the world will exhibit their latest products. Some sessions of the Microwave Workshops and the Technical Seminars by Exhibitors will be held at the Exhibition hall. Furthermore, theme seminars and poster sessions related to satellite broadcasting/communication systems and medical applications will be also available in the "MW cafe". In the "University Exhibition", many universities and colleges will demonstrate their research activities. These comprehensive events will help your thorough understanding of the cutting-edge technologies and help you find some useful hints for your design and development practices.

>>Exhibition of Latest Products
High Frequency / Microwaves Systems, Subsystems, Components, Parts, Materials, Test instrument and related software.

>>Technical Seminars (Japanese Only)
Exhibitors of Microwave Exhibition will present new technologies and products as well as research and development activities. The seminars will contain the latest microwave information including software and measurement technologies. Seminars are scheduled for three days to cover various technical topics.

>>University Exhibition
Many universities and colleges will demonstrate their research activities.

For further information such as the contents of the whole exhibition or the exhibitors' technical seminars, please see our website, which will be renewed little by little.

For further information, please contact ;
Secretariat of MWE 2023

c/o Real Communications Corp.
3F Shin-Matsudo S Building, 1-409 Shin-Matsudo, Matsudo, Chiba. 270-0034, Japan
TEL. +81-47-309-3616   FAX. +81-47-309-3617
E-mail :

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