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Workshop Program

Nov. 24 (Wed)

WE1A  Opening Ceremony

Nov. 24 (Wed)  10:00-10:10   Room 1 (Annex Hall F201+F202)
Welcome Message from the Steering Committee Chair
Atsushi Sanada (Osaka University)
A [ 5G / 6G ]

WE1A  Keynote Address 1

Nov. 24 (Wed)  10:15-11:05   Room 1 (Annex Hall F201+F202)
Latest Trends in Radio Frequency Administration in Japan
Naohiko Ogihara (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
Radio frequencies play an important role in the daily lives and socio-economic activities of people. The Covid-19 pandemic can be viewed as a trigger for further progress in the future digital transformation of society as a whole. It is necessary to promote digital transformation and make effective use of radio waves, which are a scarce and finite resource shared by all citizens, as well as to widely distribute its benefits among citizens in order to revitalize the economy and society of Japan.
Therefore, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has been studying a future vision for the use of radio waves, alongside challenges facing radio wave policies in the digital transformation era, and new goals and realization measures for the effective use of radio waves.
In this presentation, I will introduce the latest trends in radio frequency administration.

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A [ 5G / 6G ]

WE1A  Keynote Address 2

Nov. 24 (Wed)  11:10-12:00   Room 1 (Annex Hall F201+F202)
5G Evolution and 6G
Takehiro Nakamura (NTT DOCOMO, INC. Senior Vice President General Manager of 6G-IOWN Promotion Department)
Commercial 5G services have been launched globally. Study and development for technologies toward the evolution of 5G are ongoing, taking into account issues in early 5G services and emerging market needs. In parallel, research focused on technologies and services beyond 5G and 6G is accelerating throughout the world. NTT DOCOMO published a white paper on 5G evolution and 6G in January 2020 and updated it in February 2021.
This presentation will explain NTT DOCOMO's views described in the white paper as well as our latest activities on 5G evolution and 6G.
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E [ Future and/or Fundamental Technologies ]

WE1B  Special Session

Nov. 24 (Wed)  14:00-15:40   Room 1 (Annex Hall F201+F202)
Recipe for Superconducting Quantum Computers Based on Microwave Technologies
Organizers :   Yutaka Tabuchi (RIKEN), Atsushi Sanada (Osaka Univ.)
Chair :   Yutaka Tabuchi (RIKEN)
Microwave technology plays a crucial role in quantum engineering, e.g., quantum computing.
In this workshop, we clarify and share the current bottlenecks in scaling quantum computers, focusing on an interface between a quantum chip and control circuits with illustrative photographs inside a cryostat of our quantum computer. In a panel discussion, we seek future direction in an interdisciplinary field of microwave and quantum technologies.

Keyword : Superconducting Quantum Computers, Microwave Filters, Ferrite Devices
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1 Recipe for Superconducting Quantum Computers Based on Microwave Technologies
Yutaka Tabuchi (RIKEN)
2[Panel Discussion]
Yutaka Tabuchi (RIKEN)
Takefumi Miyoshi (e-trees.Japan, inc. / QuEL, Inc. / Osaka Univ.QIQB)
Kenji Ito (Kanazawa Inst. of Tech.)
Atsushi Sanada (Osaka Univ.)
A [ 5G / 6G ]

WE2B  Workshop

Nov. 24 (Wed)  12:45-14:25   Room 2 (Annex Hall F203+F204)
Sub-6GHz Microwave Power Amplifier Technologies for 5G and Beyond 5G Systems
Organizer / Chair :  Ryo Ishikawa (The Univ. of Electro-Communications)
5G services have started, and are being considered for practical use in various applications. Additionally, 5G is gradually evolved toward to the full-spec 5G in the future. Therefore, further performance improvements are required for hardware devices. The sub-6GHz band in 5G is considered to be able to develop by expanding the conventional communication technology, though performance improvement is necessary. In addition, the sub-6GHz band is easier to handle in the viewpoint of radio wave propagation characteristics than the quasi-millimeter wave band. Therefore, the sub-6GHz band is one of the important bands in 5G.
In this session, various methods to improve performance for wide-dynamic-range power amplifiers that amplifies digitally modulated signals with high efficiency are presented, as a power amplifier technology in the sub-6GHz band. In addition, technological developments from various perspectives, such as distortion compensation and applications, are introduced.

Keyword : 5G、Beyond 5G、Sub-6 GHz、Power Amplifier、Microwave、Doherty Amplifier、Outphasing Amplifier、Distortion Compensation
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1 Wideband Doherty Power Amplifier Based on Source Converter for 5G Mobile Handset at FR1
Shohei Imai, Hiroshi Okabe (Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
2 Consideration of Application of Digital Predistortion to Outphasing Amplifier
Shigekazu Kimura (Fujitsu Ltd.)
3 Power Amplifier Technology for Aerial Platforms towards Beyond 5G
Yuki Takagi, Yoshichika Ohta (SoftBank Corp.)
B [ Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz-Wave ]

WE2C  Workshop

Nov. 24 (Wed)  15:05-16:45   Room 2 (Annex Hall F203+F204)
R&D of Terahertz Antenna and Propagation Technologies for Mobile Communications
Organizer / Chair :  Ryo Yamaguchi (SoftBank Corp.)
Terahertz waves are expected to be used in sensing and high-capacity communication fields.
In this session, the research and development of terahertz wave antennas and propagation for next generation mobile communications will be introduced.

Keyword : Terahertz Wave, Mobile Communications, Antenna, Propagation
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1 Study of Terahertz Wave Propagation for Beyond 5G Mobile Communication
Akihiko Hirata (Chiba Inst. of Tech.)
2 Study of the Base Station Antenna for Mobile Communication on Terahertz Wave Band
Keisuke Sato (DKK Co., Ltd.)
3 Terahertz Antenna and Propagation Measurements for Mobile Communications
Ryo Yamaguchi, Toshiki Hozen, Kazuma Tomimoto (SoftBank Corp.)
A [ 5G / 6G ] / C [ IoT / Society 5.0 ]

WE3B  Workshop

Nov. 24 (Wed)  13:00-14:40   Room 3 (Annex Hall F205+F206)
[IEICE SRW-TC] Recent Trend of Personal Area and Body Area Networks for Future Internet-of-Things Society
Organizer / Chair :  Kentaro Saito (Tokyo Denki Univ.),Keiichi Mizutani (Kyoto Univ.), Hirokazu Sawada (NICT)
The Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology has many advantages, which achieve ultra-high-speed communication by utilizing wide radio frequency bandwidth and centimeters order high-resolution localization. And recently, it is expected to be utilized for many kinds of user applications such as high-speed file transfer and sharing and real-time localization of small RF-tag for logistics management.
In this session, the recent research and development activities of the UWB system, measurement technologies, and applications for future IoT services.

Keyword : Ultra Wide Band, Short Range Communication, Localization, Personal Area Network, Body Area Network
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1 Spreading Short-Range-Wireless Communications
Hanako Noda (Anritsu Corp.)
2 IR-UWB Localization Technology and Its Practice In Indoor Localization
Li Huan-Bang, Takeshi Matsumura (NICT)
3 Development of UWB Communication Systems for Medical Implants
Daisuke Anzai (Nagoya Inst. of Tech.)
A [ 5G / 6G ] / E [ Future and/or Fundamental Technologies ]

WE3C  Workshop

Nov. 24 (Wed)  15:20-17:00   Room 3 (Annex Hall F205+F206)
Research and Development of Semiconductor Electron Devices toward Beyond 5G
Organizer / Chair :  Toshiyuki Oishi (Saga Univ.)
5G wireless technology is necessary to maintain sustainable development of society. In the future, it is essential to realize wireless technology toward 'beyond 5G' or 6G generation in order to further develop the society. A trend to realize innovative progress is research and development for semiconductor electron devices by bringing out their potentials resulted from intrinsic properties.
This workshop introduces on the leading edge electron devices for various materials such as diamond, GaN and InP.

Keyword : Semiconductor Electron Devices, Diamond, Gallium Nitride, Indium Phosphide, Beyond 5G
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1 Recent Progress of Diamond Wafer and Transistor Technologies
Makoto Kasu (Saga Univ.), Seong-Woo Kim (Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.)
2 GaN Transistor Technologies for the Next Generation Mobile Communications
Akio Wakejima (Nagoya Inst. of Tech.)
3 High-Speed Technology of InP-Based Transistors for Beyond 100Gbps Communication Systems
Yuta Shiratori, Takuya Hoshi, Hideaki Matsuzaki (NTT Corp.)
F [ Tutorial Sessions ]

WE4B  Getting Started

Nov. 24 (Wed)  14:00-15:30   Room 4 (Exhibition Hall Workshop Space)
Theory and Practice for Microwave Transmission Line Connection
Organizers :  MWE 2021 Exhibition Committee
Chair :  Tadashi Kawai (Univ. of Hyogo)

Keyword :
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1 Fundamental Structure and Design for Planar Transmission Lines
Tadashi Kawai (Univ. of Hyogo)
2 Basic Transmission Line Theory and Scattering Parameters
Takashi Shimizu (Utsunomiya Univ.)
3 Connection of Same/Different Transmission Line Geometries
Ryosuke Suga (Aoyamagakuin Univ.)

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