Microwave Workshop & Exhibition: Nov.30-Dec.2, 2016, Pacifico Yokohama,JAPAN
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University Exhibition

Booth No. U-21
University Exhibition 21

The Graduate Univ. for Advanced Studies, Kawasaki Lab.

Contact of Lab.
3-1-1 Yoshinodai, Chu-oh, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-5210, JAPAN
TEL : +81(42)759-8321  FAX :   E-mail : kawasaki.shigeo@jaxa.jp
[ School of Physical Sciences, Space and Astronautical Science, Kawasaki Lab. ]
* Demonstration of Microwave Devices, Circuit and Modules by Nano-RF Electronics for Space Information, Communication and Power Transmission-and-Energy Harvesting and the Wireless Health Monitoring Sensor System
The microwave Si devices, rectifiers, AIA arrays and wireless thermal sensors.
Booth No. U-22
University Exhibition 22

Kansai Univ./ NIFS / Nagasaki Univ., Group of Microwave Imaging R & D

Contact of Lab.
3-3-35 Yamate, Suita, Osaka 564-8680, JAPAN
TEL : +81(6)6368-1114  E-mail : yamso16@kansai-u.ac.jp
[ Faculty of Engineering Science, Dept. of Pure and Applied Physics, Photon Radiation Physics Lab. (PRPL) ]
* Horn-antenna Millimeter Imaging Device (HMID)
* Microwave CT Mammography (MWCT)
We will present the millimeter imaging system with the Horn-antenna Millimeter Imaging Device (HMID) and the development of Microwave CT Mammography system.HMID is a 2-D array of the horn-antenna and heterodyne detector, of which LO is supplied by a cable. Millimeter imaging device and sensor head of microwave CT will be exhibited.
Booth No. U-23
University Exhibition 23

The Univ. of Tokyo, Hirose Lab.

Contact of Lab.
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656, JAPAN
TEL : +81(3)5841-7494  FAX : +81(3)5841-7494  E-mail : ahirose@ee.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
[ Graduate School of Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Hirose Lab. ]
* Adaptive System for Quick and High-Spatial-Resolution Landmine Visualization
We have developed a novel plastic landmine visualization system based on a complex-valued neural network. Their system should capture reflection phase and amplitude with a wide frequency bandwidth, a high spatial resolution, and a quick scanning ability. We present a prototype system that satisfies the requirements.
Booth No. U-24
University Exhibition 24

Tokyo City Univ., Integrated Systems Lab.

Contact of Lab.
1-28-1 Tamazutsumi, Setagaya, Tokyo 158-8557, JAPAN
TEL : +81(3)5707-0104  FAX : +81(3)5707-1235  E-mail : tshibata@tcu.ac.jp
[ Faculty of Knowledge Engineering, Dept. of Information and Communication Engineering, Integrated Systems Lab. ]
* Study on Quality-of-Life Improvement by Utilizing the Sensor Network
* Characterization of Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor for Broadband Signal Coupling
How does your heart respond when you listen to your favorite music? - We study the utilization of wearable and environmental sensors for comfortable and peace-in-mind daily life. We also introduce additional results on the characterization of multilayer ceramic chip capacitors continued from last year.
Booth No. U-25
University Exhibition 25

Toyohashi Univ. of Tech., Wave Engineering Lab.

Contact of Lab.
1-1 Hibarigaoka Tempaku, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-8580, JAPAN
TEL : +81(532)44-6825   FAX : +81(532)44-6757  E-mail : ohira@tut.jp
[ Engineering faculty, Dept. of Electrical and Electoronic Information Engineering, Wave Engineering Lab. ]
* Automatic Homing Robot to an Out-of-Sight Moving Target
* RF Rectifier Tolerant to Realtime Load Variations
(1) Automatic Homing Robot to an Out-of-Sight Moving Target
The robot performs automatic tracking and direction estimation for a mobile transmitter hidden in non-line-of-sight.
(2) RF Rectifier Tolerant to Realtime Load Variations
The novel RF rectifier demonstrates to keep its input impedance almost constant even against realtime load variations.
Booth No. U-26
University Exhibition 26

Toyohashi Univ. of Tech., Wireless Communications Lab.

Contact of Lab.
1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-8580, JAPAN
TEL : +81(532)44-6780  E-mail : miyaji@ee.tut.ac.jp
[ Engineering, Dpt. of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering, Wireless Communications Lab. ]
* Multi-Hop wireless Power Transfer
* Multi-Hop wireless Full-Duplex Communication
(1) Location estimation of power-receiving coupler and power-transfer routing utilizing location information for wireless power transfer
(2) Antenna isolation with mutual coupling and digital self-interference cancelation for wireless in-band full duplex
Booth No. U-27
University Exhibition 27

Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Takada Lab.

Contact of Lab.
2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8550, JAPAN
TEL : +81(3)5734-2551  E-mail : saitouken@ide.titech.ac.jp
[ School of Environment and Society, Dept. of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, Takada Lab. ]
* The Sub-Millimeter Wave Band MIMO Channel Sounder
* The UHF-Band Compact Channel Sounder Developed on the Software Defined Radio Platform
Toward the realization of the next generation mobile wireless communication system, the developed sub-millimeter-wave-band MIMO channel sounder is exhibited. The UHF-band compact channel sounder is developed on the software defined radio platform, and its measurement results in various propagation environments are also exhibited.
Booth No. U-28
University Exhibition 28

Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Matsuzawa and Okada lab.

Contact of Lab.
S3-27, 2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-8552, JAPAN
TEL : +81(3)5734-3764  FAX : +81(3)5734-3764  E-mail : okada@ssc.pe.titech.ac.jp, matsu@ssc.pe.titech.ac.jp
[ School of Engineering, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Matsuzawa and Okada Lab. ]
* W-Band 56Gb/s Millimeter-Wave CMOs Transceiver
* 60GHz 42Gb/s Millimeter-Wave CMOs Transceiver
* ADC and DAC for Multi-Gbps Wireless Communication Using 60GHz
We will demonstrate PA, LNA, Mixer, PLL, ADC, DAC, etc., aiming to realize multi-Gbps wireless communication utilizing 60GHz/W-band carrier frequency, which are implemented by the state-of-the-art CMOS process.
Booth No. U-29
University Exhibition 29

Tohoku Univ., Suematsu & Kameda Lab. / Mobile Wireless Tech. Group of IT-21

Contact of Lab.
2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-8577, JAPAN
TEL : +81(22)217-5532  FAX : +81(22)217-5533  E-mail : mizuki@riec.tohoku.ac.jp
[ Research Inst. of Electrical Communication, Suematsu & Kameda Lab. / Mobile Wireless Tech. Group of IT-21 ]
* Application of Digital RF technology to High SHF Band
* Heterogeneous Network Using Location Information
We will make a progress toward development of advanced practical technologies for new concept Dependable Air. The Dependable Air realizes heterogeneous and dependable networks with integrated all Si-CMOS terminal.
In this presentation, we will propose the element technologies of network, modulation/demodulation, circuit, and device for realizing the Dependable Air.
Booth No. U-30
University Exhibition 30

Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Masu & Ito Lab.

Contact of Lab.
4259-S2-14, Nagatsuta-cho, Midori-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 226-8503, JAPAN
TEL : +81(45)924-5056  FAX : +81(45)924-5022  E-mail : ishihara.n.aa@m.titech.ac.jp
[ FIRST(Lab. for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Tech.), Masu & Ito Lab. ]
* A Study on Low-Voltage, Low-Power RF CMOS Circuit and Module
We are studying about low-voltage and low-power RF CMOS circuits for the wireless sensor network toward the IoT era. In our booth, RF CMOS circuit techniques that enable battery-less RF communication, and fabricated results of a RF transceiver chips with CMOS process are demonstrating.


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