Technical Programs

Wednesday, December 13   08:50-10:30 Thursday, December 14   16:00-18:00
Wednesday, December 13   14:00-15:40 Friday, December 15   08:50-10:30
Wednesday, December 13   16:00-18:00 Friday, December 15   10:50-12:30
Thursday, December 14   08:50-10:30 Friday, December 15   14:00-15:40
Thursday, December 14   10:50-12:30 Friday, December 15   16:00-18:00
Thursday, December 14   14:00-15:40  

Friday, December 15   10:50-12:30

Room A (301)
Session FR2A
RF-MEMS and Device Modeling
Chairs : T. Nishino, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., JAPAN, & K. Wu, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, CANADA
Design of H-Shaped Low Actuation-Voltage RF-MEMS Switches
A. Batmanov, E. K. I. Hamad, E. P. Burte, and A. S. Omar, Univ. of Magdeburg, GERMANY
Top vs. Bottom Charging of the Dielectric in RF MEMS Capacitive Switches
Z. Peng, X. Yuan, J. C. M. Hwang, D. Forehand*, and C. L. Goldsmith*, Lehigh Univ., *MEMtronics Corp., U.S.A.
Scalable Nonlinear Resistor Model for GaAs MMIC
Y. Zhu, C. Wei, O. Klimashov, C. Zhang, and Y. Tkachenko, Skyworks Solution Inc., U.S.A.
An Inductor with Taper Stacked Metals on Silicon Chip
S.-Y. Lee, VIA Technologies, Inc., TAIWAN
Barium Strontium Titanate Thin Film Varactors on RPlane Sapphire
E. A. Fardin, A. S. Holland, K. Ghorbani, W. K. Simon*, E. K. Akdogan*, and A. Safari*, RMIT Univ., AUSTRALIA, *The State Univ. of New Jersey, U.S.A.

Room B (302)
Session FR2B
Miniature Planar and Integrated Filters (2)
Chairs : J.-P. Hsu, Kanagawa Univ., JAPAN, & T. Ishizaki, Panasonic Electronic Devices Co., Ltd., JAPAN
The Microstrip Filter With Multiple Stacked Capacitively- Loaded Coupled Lines
C.-W. Tang, J.-W. Wu, C.-C. Hu, H.-C. Lin*, and S.-S. Yeh*, National Chung Cheng Univ., *Industrial Technology Research Institute, TAIWAN
A Novel Bandpass Filter Design Using Cascaded CPW/Slotline Ring Resonators with Tapered Step Impedance CPW Fed Structure
C.-F. Tai, I.-C. Chen, and H.-K. Chiou, National Central Univ., TAIWAN
A Design of Vertical Coupled Stacked Bandpass Filter Using Multilayer Structure without Via
W.-J. Guan and L.A. Carpenter, Penn State Univ., U.S.A.
94GHz CPW Branch-Line Bandpass Filter for Planar Integrated Millimeter-Wave Circuits
H.-J. Kwon, S.-W. Moon, D. An, M.-K. Lee, S.-J. Lee, B.-C. Jun, D.-H. Shin, H.-C. Park, and J.-K. Rhee, Dongguk Univ., KOREA
Miniaturized Dual-Mode Quasi-Elliptic Function Bandpass Filter with Wide Rejection Bandwidth
Y.-Z. Wang, C.-A. Wang, and K.-Y. Lin, Nan Kai Institute of Technology, TAIWAN

Room C (303)
Session FR2C
New Measurement Methods
Chairs : I. Ida, Fujitsu Ltd., JAPAN, & N. Cherpak, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, UKRAINE
Millimeter Wave Measurements of Complex Permittivity of Lossy Liquids Based on Whispering Gallery Dielectric Resonator Method
N. T. Cherpak, A. A. Barannik, Y. V. Prokopenko, A. Y. Kirichenko, E. N. Shaforost, and I. A. Shipilova, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, UKRAINE
A Method for Evaluating a Complex Permittivity of Dielectric Material by Using Whispering Gallery modes on a Sphererical Resonator
M. Matsubara, Y. Kogami, and Y. Tomabechi, Utsunomiya Univ., JAPAN
High Frequency Characteristics of Cu/Ta/Hydrogen Silsesquioxane (HSQ) System and the Effects of NH3 Plasma Treatment on the Electrical Properties for Hydrogen Silsesquioxane
C.-C. Ho and B.-S. Chiou, National Chiao Tung Univ., TAIWAN
Multiport Scattering Matrix Measurement with a Two-port Network Analyzer Using Only Virtual Auxiliary Terminations
C.-J. Chen and T.-H. Chu, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN
10,000 Parallel Heterodyne System for Instantaneous Photonics-Based Acquisition of Near-Fields Images over Microwave Devices/Circuits
K. Sasagawa, T. Kawanishi, and M. Tsuchiya, NICT, JAPAN

Room D (304)
Session FR2D
Small Antennas for Mobile Applications
Chairs : Q. Chen, Tohoku Univ., JAPAN, & K. Tong, Univ. College London, U.K.
Compact 2-Channel MIMO Antenna for WiBro Handy Terminal Application
D.-J. Kim, K.-S. Min, Y.-M. Moon*, and Y.-E. Kim*, Korea Maritime Univ., *Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, KOREA
Effects of Bending GPS Antennas
T. Kellomaki, J. Heikkinen, and M. Kivikoski, Tampere Univ. of Technology, FINLAND
Design of an Internal DTV Antenna for Portable Multimedia Player
Y.-S. Yu, D.-H. Seo, S.-G. Jeon, and J.-H. Choi, Hanyang Univ., KOREA
A Design of Wide Band Small Chip Antenna Using the Branch Structure for Mobile Phone
M. Kim, S. Park, J. Min, and H. Kim, Hanyang Univ., KOREA
Design of Ceramic Chip Antenna for Bluetooth Application in LTCC Technology
H.-Y. Zou*,**, Q.-X. Liang*, and Q.-X. Chu*, *South China Univ. of Technology, **Xidian Univ., CHINA

Room E (311+312)
Session FR2E
Microwave Applications
Chairs : Y. Nikawa, Kokushikan Univ., JAPAN, & Y. Lu, Nanyang Technological Univ., SINGAPORE
5.8-GHz Planar Hybrid Rectenna for Wireless Powered Applications
M. Furukawa, Y. Takahashi*1, T. Fujiwara*2, S. Mihara*3, T. Saito*3, Y. Kobayashi*3, S. Kawasaki*4, N. Shinohara*4, Y. Fujino*5, K. Tanaka*6, and S. Sasaki*6, Nihon Dengyo Kousaku Co., Ltd., *1IHI Aerospace Co., Ltd., *2Sho Engineering Co., Ltd., *3Institute for Unmanned Space Experiment Free Flyer, *4Kyoto Univ., *5NICT, *6JAXA, JAPAN
A Self-Steering Array and its Application to Phase Synchronization
K. Hashimoto, H. Shibata*, and H. Matsumoto, Kyoto Univ., *Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Goverment of Japan, JAPAN
Patch Array to Heat Thin Material Using Microwave
Y. Nikawa and Y. Guan, Kokushikan Univ., JAPAN
A Micro-machined Cantilever PSA Sensor with Digital Wireless Interface
H.-T. Chou, R.-Z. Hwang, C.-M. Hung, L.-S. Huang, and S.- S. Lu, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN
An Experimental GSM Based Passive Radar
Y. Lu, D. Tan, and H. Sun, Nanyang Technological Univ., SINGAPORE

Room F (313+314)
Session FR2F
UWB Antennas
Chairs : N. Kuga, Yokohama National Univ., JAPAN, & Y.-J. Yoon, Yonsei Univ., KOREA
Rolled Monopole with Bandstop Function for UWB Applications
H.-K. Yoon, W.-S. Kang, Y.-J. Yoon, S.-M. Han*, and Y.-H. Kim*, Yonsei Univ., *Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, KOREA
CPW-Fed UWB Slot Antenna
Y.-C. Lee, S.-C. Lin, and J.-S. Sun, National Taipei Univ. of Technology, TAIWAN
A Compact Microstrip Slot Antennas Fed by a Microstrip Line with a Multi Tuning Stubs for UWB Applications
I. Fitri and E. T. Rahardjo, Univ. of Indonesia, INDONESIA
Ultra-Wideband Circularly-Polarized Patch Antenna
K. W. Khoo, Y. X. Guo, and L. C. Ong, Institute for Infocomm Research, SINGAPORE
UWB Antenna for Wireless Body Area Network
K. Y. Yazdandoost and R. Kohno, NICT, JAPAN