Technical Programs

Wednesday, December 13   08:50-10:30 Thursday, December 14   16:00-18:00
Wednesday, December 13   14:00-15:40 Friday, December 15   08:50-10:30
Wednesday, December 13   16:00-18:00 Friday, December 15   10:50-12:30
Thursday, December 14   08:50-10:30 Friday, December 15   14:00-15:40
Thursday, December 14   10:50-12:30 Friday, December 15   16:00-18:00
Thursday, December 14   14:00-15:40  

Thursday, December 14   10:50-12:30

Room A (301)
Session TH2A
Frequency Multiplication and Conversion Circuits
Chairs : N. Itoh, Toshiba Corp., JAPAN, & K. Nishikawa, NTT, JAPAN
A High Performance Ka-Band Push-Push Oscillator Using Finite Ground CPW Structure
Y.-L. Zou and H.-K. Chiou, National Central Univ., TAIWAN
A 1V 50 GHz Digital-Controlled CMOS Frequency Divider
S.-Y. Bai, T.-N. Luo, and Y.-J. Emery Chen, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN
Multi-Band/Multi-Mode Current Folded Up-Convert Mixer Design
C.-C. Huang and W.-T. Chen, Yuan Ze Univ., TAIWAN
A High-Efficiency, Broadband and High Output Power PHEMT Balanced K-Band Doubler with Integrated Balun
W.-R. Lee, S.-F. Chao, Z.-M. Tsai, P.-C. Huang, C.-H. Lien, J.-H. Tsai, and H. Wang, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN
A Passive Frequency Tripler Using the New Small-Size Bandpass Filter with Low Insertion Loss
J.-K. Min, H.-J. Kim, Y.-H. Kim, D.-J. Kang*, H.-S. Yun**, and U.-S. Hong, Kwangwoon Univ., *Korea Information & Communication Polytechnic College, **Samsung SDS Co., LTD., KOREA

Room B (302)
Session TH2B
Design and Implementaion Techniques for Microwave Filters
Chairs : K. Suzuki, ISTEC, JAPAN, & O. Bartz, Panasonic Electronic Devices Europe GmbH, GERMANY
Efficient Time Domain Calculus of Microwave Resonator Parameters
I. Awai, T. Ishida, and Y. Zhang, Ryukoku Univ., JAPAN
Full Wave Coupled Resonator Filter Optimization Using a Multi-Port Admittance-Matrix
S. Otto, A. Lauer, J. Kassner, and A. Rennings, IMST GmbH, GERMANY
Compact Combline Filter with Improved Cross Coupling Assembly and Temperature Compensation
M. Hoft, S. Burger, T. Magath, and O. Bartz, Panasonic Electronic Devices Europe GmbH, GERMANY
A 55GHz 5-pole NRD Guide E-Plane Bandpass Filter for Millimeter Wave OFDM Applications
T. Shimizu, Y. Kawahara*, T. Nakagawa**, and T. Yoneyama, Tohoku Institute of Technology, *MMEx Inc., **NHK, JAPAN
Ultra-Narrowband HTS Filter with 2.5-Wavelength Hairpin Resonators in 7 GHz Band
N. Shiokawa, H. Kayano, M. Yamazaki, T. Watanabe, F. Aiga, and T. Hashimoto, Toshiba Corp., JAPAN

Room C (303)
Session TH2C
Advanced Coupler Design and Fabrication Techniques
Chairs : H. Oh-hashi, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., JAPAN, & K. K. M. Cheng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, CHINA
CMRR Analysis for Wideband Passive Monolithic Differential Quadrature Coupler Implemented Using GaAs Process
K. W. Hamed, A. P. Freundorfer, and Y. M. M. Antar*, Queenfs Univ., *Royal Military College, CANADA
High Compactness/High Isolation 3D-Broadside Couplers Design Methodology
M.-N. Do*, D. Dubuc*,**, K. Grenier*, L. Bary*, L. Mazenq*, and R. Plana*,**, *LAAS-CNRS, **Paul Sabatier Univ., FRANCE
Non-Uniform Tapered Ultra Wideband Directional Coupler Design and Modern Ultra Wideband Balun Integration
P. Salem, C. Wu*, and M. C. E. Yagoub, Univ. of Ottawa- SITE, *Defence R&D Canada, CANADA
A CPW Hybrid Coupler with an Enhanced Coupling Microstructure
Y. Kitsukawa, M. Hangai, S.-S. Lee, T. Nishino, Y. Yoshida, and M. Miyazaki, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., JAPAN
Monolithic Integration of Microstrip Line Couplers for Automotive Radar Applications at 77 GHz Using a Si-HBT Technology
M. Hartmann, K. Seemann, H. Jaeger*, E. Kolmhofer*, and R. Weigel, Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg, GERMANY, *Danube Integrated Circuit Engineering, AUSTRIA

Room D (304)
Session TH2D
Millimeter Wave and Integrated Antennas (2)
Chairs : H. Sato, Tohoku Univ., JAPAN, & K. Eccleston, Univ. of Canterbury, NEWZEALAND
Design of Millimeter-Wave Microstrip Comb-Line Antenna Array Beam-Tilting in Perpendicular Plane of Feeding Line
Y. Kashino, K. Sakakibara, Y. Tanaka*, N. Kikuma, and H. Hirayama, Nagoya Institute of Technology, *Toyota Central R&D Labs., JAPAN
A Compact Cavity-Backed Annular Slot Antenna Array for 60-GHz Applications
K.-F. Hung and Y.-C. Lin, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN
Slot Array Antennas Fed by Integrated Wave Guide on Liquid Crystal Polymer for V-Band Wireless LAN Application
I.-K. Kim, K.-S. Yang, S. Pinel, and J. Laskar, Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A.
Measurements of a Compact Surface Wave Launcher Array with Application to Single Frequency Beam Steering Leaky Wave Antennas
A. P. Freundorfer, M. Z. I. Bekheit, and Y. M. M. Antar*, Queenfs Univ., *Royal Military College, CANADA
Four-Way Power Combining Integrated Antenna
K. W. Eccleston, Univ. of Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND

Room E (311+312)
Session TH2E
Modulation and Related Technologies
Chairs : H. Furuta, NHK, JAPAN, & W.-M. Woo, Samsung RFIC Design Center at Georgia Tech, U.S.A.
Frequency and Power Saving of the Future Generation Wireless Communications by Superconducting Filter
M. Shigaki, Y. Hagiwara, K. Yamanaka*, and K. Kurihara*, Fujitsu Wireless Systems Ltd., *Fujitsu Ltd., JAPAN
Spatially Superposed M-Ary QAM Wireless Communication System
M. Tanaka and T. Eguchi, Nihon Univ., JAPAN
Evaluation of Millimeter-Wave MIMO-OFDM Transmission Performance in a TV Studio
S. Suzuki, T. Nakagawa, H. Furuta, and T. Ikeda, NHK, JAPAN
Analytic Quantization Modeling of OFDM Signals Using Normal Gaussian Distribution
H. Ehm, S. Winter, and R. Weigel, Univ. of Erlangen- Nuremberg, GERMANY
A Case Study on Frequency Reuse in OFDMA Systems Using a Hierarchical Resource Radio Resource Management
B. Roy, M. Einhaus*, and C. K. Roy, Queenfs Univ., CANADA, *RWTH Aachen Univ., GERMANY

Room F (313+314)
Session TH2F
Lossy Materials
Chairs : S. Watanabe, Aoyama Gakuin Univ., JAPAN, & K. L. Wu, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong, CHINA
Radiation Characteristics of a Periodically Slotted Parallel Plate Waveguide Filled with a Transversely Maganetized Ferrite
K. Nishimura, Ryukoku Univ., JAPAN.
Physical Model Order Reduction for Multilayer Lossy RF Embedded Passives
H. Hu, J. Wang, and K.-L. Wu, the Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong, CHINA
Study of Reflection Properties of Thin Slabs Based on Artificial Materials
A. Munir and H. Kubo, Yamaguchi Univ., JAPAN
Guiding Modes of Electromagnetic Crystal Waveguides Consisting of Magnetized Ferrite
H. Jia and K. Yasumoto, Kyushu Univ., JAPAN
Analytical Study of Temperature Distribution of One- Layer EM-Absorber Using a Lossy Dielectric Material
S. Watanabe, K. Saito, T. Kurakata, and O. Hashimoto, Aoyama Gakuin Univ., JAPAN