Technical Programs

Wednesday, December 13   08:50-10:30 Thursday, December 14   16:00-18:00
Wednesday, December 13   14:00-15:40 Friday, December 15   08:50-10:30
Wednesday, December 13   16:00-18:00 Friday, December 15   10:50-12:30
Thursday, December 14   08:50-10:30 Friday, December 15   14:00-15:40
Thursday, December 14   10:50-12:30 Friday, December 15   16:00-18:00
Thursday, December 14   14:00-15:40  

Wednesday, December 13   14:00-15:40

Room A (301)
Session WE3A
Silicon Power Amplifier IC Design
Chairs : S. Tanaka, Hitachi, Ltd., JAPAN, & H. Wang, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN
SiGe HBT Power Amplifier with Distortion-Controllable Bias Circuit and Its Application to 802.11g Wireless LANs
T. Oka, M. Hirata, Y. Ishimaru, H. Kawamura, and K. Sakuno, Sharp Corp., JAPAN
A Wideband Power Efficient SiGe BiCMOS Medium Power Amplifier
H.-C. Bae, S.-H. Kim, S.-H. Lee, H.-K. Yu, and S.-H. Oh*, ETRI, *National Univ. of Chungnam, KOREA
Vdd Gate Biasing RF CMOS Amplifier Design Technique Based on the Effect of Carrier Velocity Saturation
N. Ishihara, Gunma Univ., JAPAN
A CMOS Power Amplifier for a UHF RFID Reader
Y. Kim, J. Han, D. Lee, C. Park, and S. Hong, KAIST, KOREA
A Novel Linearizer and a Fully Integrated CMOS Power Amplifier
S. Ko and J. Lin, Univ. of Florida, U.S.A.

Room B (302)
Session WE3B
Ultra-Wide Band Plannar Filters (2)
Chairs : Y. Horii, Kansai Univ., JAPAN, & S.-W. Yun, Sogang Univ., KOREA
Wideband Chebyshev-Response Bandpass Filter by Cascading of Cascadable 180 Hybrid Rings
C.-H. Chi and C.-Y. Chang, National Chiao Tung Univ., TAIWAN
Compact Planar Ultra-Wide Pass-Band Filters with Source-Load Coupling and Impedance Stubs
M. Mokhtaari, J. Bornemann, and S. Amari*, Univ. of Victoria, *Royal Military College of Canada, CANADA
Synthesis and Realization of Novel Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filters Using 3/4 Wavelength Parallel-Coupled Line Resonators
P. Cai, Z. Ma*, X. Guan, Y. Kobayashi*, T. Anada**, and G. Hagiwara***, Shanghai Univ., CHINA, *Saitama Univ., **Kanagawa Univ., ***Link Circuit Inc., JAPAN
Compact Sub-Millimeter-Wave Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filter Using Dual-Mode Ring Resonator and Multiple-Mode Parallel-Coupled Line Structure
P. Cai, Z. Ma*, X. Guan, Y. Kobayashi*, T. Anada**, and G. Hagiwara***, Shanghai Univ., CHINA, *Saitama Univ., **Kanagawa Univ., ***Link Circuit Inc., JAPAN
Open Ring Resonators Applicable to Wide-Band BPF
I. Awai and A. K. Saha, Ryukoku Univ., JAPAN

Room C (303)
Session WE3C
Compound Semiconductor Low-Noise Devices and Amplifiers
Chairs : Y. Umeda, Tokyo Univ. of Science, JAPAN, & T. Tsukii, Raytheon, U.S.A.
Coplanar 155 GHz MHEMT MMIC Low Noise Amplifiers
M. Kantanen, M. Varonen*, M. Karkkainen*, T. Karttaavi, R. Weber**, A. Leuther**, M. Seelmann-Eggebert**, T. Narhi***, and K. A. I. Halonen*, Technical Research Centre of Finland, *Helsinki Univ. of Technology, FINLAND, **IAF, GERMANY, ***ESTEC, NETHERLANDS
A Comparison of Cryogenically Cooled Pseudomorphic and Lattice Matched InP HEMTs: Implementation in an Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier
A. Malmros, N. Wadefalk, P. Starski, and J. Grahn, Chalmers Univ. of Technology, SWEDEN
12-GHz Low Noise MIC Amplifier with 0.86 dB Noise Figure
H. Yukawa, Y. Tsuyama, T. Hamabe*, A. Iida*, Y. Tahara, K. Mori, and M. Nakayama, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., *Mitsubishi Electric TOKKI Systems Corp., JAPAN
Microwave Noise Modeling for PHEMT Using Artificial Neural Network Technique
J. Gao, X. Li*, and Q.-J. Zhang**, Southeast Univ., *Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications, CHINA,**Carleton Univ., CANADA
High Performance LNA in 0.35 um SiGe RF Transceiver One Chip for Cellular Applications
K.-H. Ahn, D.-J. Keum*, I.-H. Rhyu*, H.-S. Kim*, Y.-B. Jeon*, H.-Y. Yoo*, J.-Y. Han*, and J.-H. Baek*, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, *Samsung Electronics Inc., KOREA

Room D (304)
Session WE3D
Inverted-F Antennas
Chairs : K. Li, NICT, JAPAN, & Z. Feng, Tsinghua Univ., CHINA,
PIFA with Multi-Layered Structure for Bandwidth Enhancement
K. Huang and T. Chiu, National Central Univ., TAIWAN
The High Isolation Dual-Band Inverted F Antenna Diversity System with the Small N-Section Resonators on the Ground Plane
K.-J. Kim and K.-H. Park, Korea Electronics Technology Institute Wireless Components & Telecommunication Research Center, KOREA
Compact Internal IFA for 900/1800MHz Mobile Handsets
J. Wu and Z. Feng, Tsinghua Univ., CHINA
Design of an Enhanced Bandwidth PIFA with Modified Shorting Strip
H. Jung, H. Park, S. Hong, U. Kim, and J. Choi, Hanyang Univ., KOREA
Planar Inverted-F Antenna with Folded Capacitive Feed Structure
Y. Ding and Z. Du, Tsinghua Univ., CHINA

Room E (311+312)
Session WE3E
Waveguide Analysis and Design
Chairs : F. Kuroki, Kure National College of Technology, JAPAN, & F. Arndt, Univ. of Bremen, GERMANY
Guided Modes in Shielded Slot Transmission Line
F. Kuroki and K. Miyamoto, Kure National College of Technology, JAPAN
A 3-D Analysis of The Waveguide with Periodic Structure in Time Domain
Z. Yu, Univ. of Electronic Science and Technology of China, CHINA
Hybrid CAD Techniques for the Efficient Full-Wave Optimization of Arbitrarily Shaped Waveguide Components and Large Aperture Antennas
F. Arndt, V. Catina, and J. Brandt*, Univ. of Bremen, *MiG, GERMANY
Design of an Inverted Slot Mode Slow-Wave Circuit Using Quasi-TEM Analysis
V. L. Christie, L. Kumar, and N. Balakrishnan*, MTRDC, *IISC, INDIA
On the Characteristics of Conjugately Characteristic-Impedance Transmission Lines with Active Characteristic Impedance
S. Lamultree and D. Torrungrueng, Asian Univ., THAILAND

Room F (313+314)
Session WE3F
Novel Antenna Arrays
Chairs : T. Hirano, Tokyo Institude of Technology, JAPAN, & L. C. Godara, The Univ. of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
A Wideband Circularly-Polarized Active Van Atta Retrodirective Transponder with Information Carrying Ability
L. Chiu, Q. Xue, and C. H. Chan, City Univ. of Hong Kong, CHINA
Active Broadband Integrated Antenna for Differential Application
S.-Y. Mok, K.-T. Mok, and W.-S. Chan, City Univ. of Hong Kong, CHINA
Multipath Fading Reduction Using a Phase-Conjugating Array in a Dual-Reflector Environment
B. O. Takase, R. N. Pang, J. M. Akagi, M. K. Watanabe, G. S. Shiroma, and W. A. Shiroma, Univ. of Hawaii, U.S.A.
A Novel Dimensionality Metric for Multi-Antenna Systems
M. S. Elnaggar, S. Safavi-Naeini, and S. K. Chaudhuri, Univ.of Waterloo, CANADA
A Design of Partitioned Processor for Broadband Antenna
Array Using Convolution Constraints
L. C. Godara and M. R. Sayyah Jahromi, Univ. of New South