Technical Programs

Wednesday, December 13   08:50-10:30 Thursday, December 14   16:00-18:00
Wednesday, December 13   14:00-15:40 Friday, December 15   08:50-10:30
Wednesday, December 13   16:00-18:00 Friday, December 15   10:50-12:30
Thursday, December 14   08:50-10:30 Friday, December 15   14:00-15:40
Thursday, December 14   10:50-12:30 Friday, December 15   16:00-18:00
Thursday, December 14   14:00-15:40  

Friday, December 15   14:00-15:40

Room A (301)
Session FR3A
Active Planer Circuits
Chairs : J. Bae, Nagoya Institute of Technology, JAPAN, & A. Freundorfer, Queenfs Univ., CANADA
Design and Characterization of a 45 GHz Yagi-Uda Antenna Receiver Fabricated on GaAs Micromachined Membrane
D. Neculoiu, G. Konstantinidis*, A. Muller, A. Stavinidris*, D. Vasilache, Z. Chatzopoulos*, L. Bary**, and R. Plana**, IMTBucharest, ROMANIA, *MRG-IESL-FORTH Heraklion, GREECE, **LAAS CNRS Toulouse, FRANCE
A GaAs pHEMT Based V-Band Balanced Amplifier Using Uniplanar Tandem Couplers
S.-W. Moon, M. Han, J.-H. Oh, H.-J. Kwon, H.-C. Park, J.- K. Rhee, and S.-D. Kim, Dongguk Univ., KOREA
A Direct Digital 2 Gb/s Modulator/Demodulator Experiment in GaAs HBT at 30GHz
A. P. Freundorfer, K. Hamed, Y. Sun, Y. Antar, P. Frank*, and D. Sawatzky*, Queenfs Univ., *Gain Microwave, CANADA
A BPSK Modulator Using a Ring-Hybrid and HFET Switches
C. E. Saavedra and Y. Zheng, Queenfs Univ., CANADA
Doppler Frequency Converter Using a Semiconductor Plasma Boundary Moving at a Relativistic Speed
J. Bae, Y. J. Xian, and S. Yamada, Nagoya Institute of Technology, JAPAN

Room B (302)
Session FR3B
Planar Filters with Extended Stopband Performance
Chairs : K. Wada, The Univ. of Electro-Communications, JAPAN, & T. Ishizaki, Panasonic Electronic Devices Co., Ltd., JAPAN
Microstrip Parallel-Coupled Bandpass Filters With Source- Load Coupling
C.-H. Wu, C.-H. Wang, and C.-H. Chen, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN
The Microstrip Bandpass Filters with Wide Stopband Range
M.-G. Chen, C.-W. Tang, P.-J. Hsieh, and J.-W. Wu, National Chung Cheng Univ., TAIWAN
A Novel Bandpass Filter with Sharp Attenuations and Wide Stopband Developed through the Combined Use of Composite Resonators and Stepped Impedance Resonators
H. Miki, Z. Ma, and Y. Kobayashi, Saitama Univ., JAPAN
Compact Low-Pass Filter for Harmonics Suppression
R. Li, D. I. Kim, and C. M. Choi, Korea Maritime Univ., KOREA
Multi-Path Design for Stepped-Impedance Low-Pass Filter to Create Transmission Zeros and Wide Rejection Band
M.-C. Kang and J.-T. Kuo, National Chiao Tung Univ., TAIWAN

Room C (303)
Session FR3C
Millimeter-Wave Radar Systems
Chairs : K. Sato, Toyota R&D Labs. Inc., JAPAN, & T. Derham, NHK, JAPAN
Digital Signal Processing of Multi-Reflection for Short Range Detection Using NRD Guide Pulse Radar Front-End at 60GHz
F. Kuroki, T. Izuho, and T. Yoneyama*, Kure National College of Technology, *Tohoku Institute of Technology, JAPAN
Estimation of FMCW Radar System Performance Using Measurement Data of a 77-GHz Transmitter
C. Wagner, A. Stelzer*, and H. Jager, DICE Gmbh & Co KG, *Univ. of Linz (ICIE), AUSTRIA
Modeling and Development of Software-Configurable Range Radar
H. Zhang, L. Li, and K. Wu, Polytechnique de Montreal, CANADA
Target Identification With Polarization Dependent Transfer Functions
S. Hantscher, A. Reisenzahn, and C. G. Diskus, Johannes Kepler Univ., AUSTRIA
A Method of Imaging by Standing Wave Radar
Y. Okubo and T. Uebo, Saika Technological Institute Foundation, JAPAN

Room D (304)
Session FR3D
Multiband Antennas
Chairs : T. Teshirogi, Anritsu Corp., JAPAN, & W. Hong, Southeast Univ., CHINA
A Printed Triple-Band Antenna for WiFi and WiMAX Applications
Y.-C. Shen, Y.-S. Wang, and S.-J. Chung, National Chiao Tung Univ., TAIWAN
A Design of Miniaturized Built-in Penta Band Chip Antenna For EGSM/GPS/DCS-1800/USPCS/WCDMA Mobile Handset
H. Choi, D. Shin, J. Cho, and H. Kim, Hanyang Univ., KOREA
The Performance of Dual-Band CPW-Fed Printed Antennas for Wireless Body-Worn Applications
X. Qiu and A. S. Mohan, Univ. of Technology, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Compact Multi-Band Antenn for Mobile Telephone Applications
S.-Y. Huang and J.-S. Sun, National Taipei Univ. of Technology, TAIWAN
Dual-Band Printed T-Shaped Slot Antenna for WLAN Application
S.-S. Zhong and X.-L. Liang, Shanghai Univ., CHINA

Room E (311+312)
Session FR3E
Advanced Technologies for Power Amplifiers
Chairs : Y. Takayama, Univ. of Hyogo, JAPAN, & T.-W. Huang, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN
Improvement of Intermodulation Distortion in Microwave Power Amplifiers with Intrinsic Second-Harmonic Short-Circuit Termination
K. Watanabe, Y. Takayama, K. Yamaguchi, T. Fujita, and K. Maenaka, Univ. of Hyogo, JAPAN
Compact Device-Level Linearisation Technique Using a Reduced Complexity Derivative Superposition Approach
R. Negra*,**, F. M. Ghannouchi**, and W. Bachtold*, *ETH Zurich, SWITZERLAND, **Univ. of Calgary, CANADA
Minimum ACPR gSweet-Spoth Using Statistical Power Distribution Function
J.-H. Tsai, S.-Y. Chen, W.-C. Chen, and T.-W. Huang, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN
InGaP/GaAs HBT Power Amplifier Based on Flexible Printed Circuit Board
S.-S. Myoung, S-H. Cheon*, J.-W. Park*, J.-S. Jang**, M.-H. Dong**, and J.-G. Yook, Yonsei Univ., *Agency for Defense Development, **Knowledge*on, KOREA
Third-Order Intermodulation Distortion Characteristics of Millimeter-Wave Self-Heterodyne Transmission Techniques
C.-S. Choi and Y. Shoji, NICT, JAPAN

Room F (313+314)
Session FR3F
Ferrite and SAW Devices
Chairs : M. Tsutsumi, Fukui Univ. of Technology, JAPAN, & A. Alphones, Nanyang Technological Univ., SINGAPORE
Micromachined GaN-Based FBAR Structures for Microwave Applications
K. Mutamba, D. Neculoiu*, A. Muller*, G. Konstantinidis**, D. Vasilache*, C. Sydlo, A. Kostopoulos**, A. Adikimenakis**, A. Georgakilas**, and H. L. Hartnagel, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, GERMANY, *IMT Bucharest, ROMANIA, **MRG-IESLFORTH, GREECE
Prediction of Phase Noise in 2.4GHz SAW Oscillator with Surface Transverse Wave Resonator
J.-H. Lin and Y.-H. Kao, National Chiao-Tung Univ., TAIWAN
Some Nonlinear Properties on the Electromagnetic Waves in Magnetic Material
K. Kawabe, T. Kodera*, and Y. Satomura, Osaka Institiute of Technology, *ATR, JAPAN
Effect of Nonuniform Magnetic Field on Left Handed Ferrite Microstrip Line
K. Okubo and M. Tsutsumi*, Okayama Prefectural Univ., *Fukui Univ. of Technology, JAPAN
Tunable Stepped Impedance Resonator Bandpass Filter Using Ferroelectric Materials
T.-S. Yun*, H.-S. Kim**, T.-S. Hyun**, S.-S. Kwoun*,***, H.-G. Kim**, and J.-C. Lee*, *Kwangwoon Univ., **KAIST, ***LG-Nortel R&D Conplex, KOREA