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Please follow the procedure below to present your paper at APMC 2006.
1.   Complete the Pre-Registration (including all payments) by September 15, 2006, to participate in APMC 2006.
* This is not "Author Registration" but the Pre-Registration for participation in the Conference.
⇒ Pre-Registration
* Each paper must have at leaset one presenting author (speaker) who has completed the Pre-Registration and also will come to the conference site in December.
2.   Prepare a camera-ready copy (.pdf) of your final paper for publication of the Conference Proceedings, and uplaod the file from your 'MY PAPER PAGE' by September 15, 2006.
* Please input the following words on the first page of your final paper.
    - on the header: Proceedings of Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference 2006
    - on the footer: Copyright 2006 IEICE
The font type should be "Times" or "Times New Roman" and the size "10".

⇒ The template (doc) is available from here.
⇒ The template (PDF) is available from here.
* Please do not change the paper format, the first author's information, and the corresponding author's information. Please try not to change too much of your paper contents. Miner changes are recommended.
* If there is any comment from the Technical Program Committee about your paper, please take them into consideration when preparing a camera-ready copy of your final paper.
* Even if you do not need to revise your paper, submit the final paper all the same.
3.   Prepare your presentation materials and bring them to the conference site in December.
1.   The time allotted for oral presentation is as follows.
      Invited : 40 minutes
      Contributed presentation : 20 minutes
      Each includes 5 minutes for questions and discussions
2.   The session room will be equipped with a computer and an LCD projector. The operating system for the session computer is Microsoft Windows XP, with PowerPoint 2003 installed. All presentations need to be compatible with these versions.
3.   Each computer is equipped with USB ports and a CD-ROM drive to read a USB flash memory and a CD-ROM, respectively. The speaker must load the file by her/himself into the session computer through these media.
4.   The speakers must gather in the scheduled session room 15 minutes before the session starts, where the they can meet the session chairs and confirm the speakers' names and the paper titles.
5.   If you have a special requirement to use an overhead projector for transparencies or your own PC, please contact to APMC2006 Secretariat in advance.
6.   The conference provides the speaker preparation room to rehearse and check the presentation during the session.
7.   Please prepare slides with high visual contrast. Also, be sure to use standard fonts. Special fonts such as "Monotype sports" or "Windings" may not be installed in projection PCs. Please do not use local language fonts.
If you need a visa to enter Japan, please see the following page for further information: