Microwave Workshop & Exhibition:Dec.10-12,2014 in Pacifico Yokohama,JAPAN
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Workshop Program

Opening Ceremony / Keynote Address / Special Lecture

Opening Ceremony

Dec. 10 (Wed),  10:00-10:05@  Room 1 (Annex Hall F201+F202)
Welcome Message from the Steering Committee Chair
Kazukiyo Joshin, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

Keynote Address

Dec. 10 (Wed),  10:05-10:55@  Room 1 (Annex Hall F201+F202)
Global Smart Grid Conception Using Microwave Mirror Satellite Collaborated with Marine Inverse Dam
Yohei Ishikawa, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto Univ.

It is said that the energy system is the most important infrastructure for economic development of the nation. The cause of international troubles over the energy resource might not discontinue even though it becomes the 21st century. The main factor of the regional conflict depends on the primary energy sources existing without any relation to the border. If you change eyes to Japan, our country depends on overseas for almost all the fuels of the thermal power generation, and then the base of economy and the security may be getting weak. A rapid improvement is difficult, though the rate of self-sufficiency improvement by renewable energy is requested. It is because that the electric power system is designed based on the stable power supply. Reverse-current problem that dispersed power system causes, and unstable quality issue of renewable energy greatly prevent the policy of the rate of self-sufficiency improvement.
A Marine Inverse Dam has the pumping-up hydraulic power generation function that operates without receiving the climatic impact at all. And also it has the ability to convert all energy including renewable energy into the electric power of excellent hydro-power in the quality. In any country, the electric power transmission and the energy-trading by way of the trouble spot generally accompany a big risk. Microwave Wireless Power transmission via satellite will greatly reduce this kind of risk.
The expectation and the possibility to a Global Smart Grid that combines the Microwave Mirror Satellite on the geostationary orbit with the Marine Inverse Dam with the buffering function of the electric power are described here.


Special Lecture

Dec. 10 (Wed),  11:00-11:50@  Room 1 (Annex Hall F201+F202)
The Latest Radio Frequency Policy in Japan
Yasuo Tawara, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Currently, wireless communication network in Japan is part of the most important foundation of economic activity and daily life. Furthermore, advancement of wireless communication is expected due to the expansion of smartphone services: mobile data communication traffic is increasing at a pace of approximately 1.7 times per year, and is assumed to increase to 1000-fold from 100-fold in the next 10 years.
With this situation in mind, the latest radio frequency policy and regulations will be discussed such as the current state of radio use, introduction of new wireless systems and so on.


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