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Social Program

Welcome Reception at "Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse"

All the participants in the Conference (from December 13 to 15) are invited to the Welcome Reception to be held from 17:30-19:30 on Tuesday, December 12, at the historical "Yokohama Red Brick Warehouses", located in the Yokohama seaside area, about a 15.20 minutes' walk from Pacifico Yokohama. A free bus transportation service from Pcifico Yokohama will be available for all the Confefrence participants. A special performance will be given by the Yokohama Mandolin Club, organized by the city officers of Yokohama.

History of Yokohama Red Brick Warehouses:
The historical Yokohama Red Brick Warehouses were constructed between 1911 and 1913 as a symbol of the modernization and development of Yokohama. In 1994, work began on the restoration and revitalization of the buildings. After eight years, the valiant figure of these buildings, which withstood the Great Kanto Earthquake and the Second World War, has risen once again. With the restoration work, from the standpoint of the conservation of cultural treasures, while making as much use of the original as possible, advanced technology was also used, including earthquake resistance strengthening work, and repair work to the exterior walls and roofs.

Opening Ceremony

The APMC 2006 Opening Ceremony will be held from 10:40-12:50 in Room 501+502 (5th floor) of Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center on Wednesday, December 13. A declaration and brief report by the APMC 2006 Steering Committee Chair and congratulatory addresses by invited representatives of sponsoring organizations including IEEE MTT-S, URSI, EuMA are scheduled at the beginning of the ceremony. Then, we will have the Keynote Addresses given by Mr. Toshio Miki, Managing Director of Communication Device Development Department, NTT DoCoMo Inc., and Professor Tatsuo Itoh, UCLA. The respective titles of their talks are "Mobile Communication Evolution" and "New Avenues for Microwave Component Design".


The APMC 2006 Banquet will be held from 06:30-08:40 on Thursday, December 14, in the 3rd-floor Grand Ballroom of the Inter Continental The Grand Yokohama adjacent to the Conference Center. With a variety of cuisine, the banquet will introduce winners of Japan Microwave Prize. The Banquet will be a buffet style so that all the participants in the Conference (from December 13 to 15) are invited. After the greetings by the Conference Chair, you will experience the ceremony "Kagamiwari", where a large barrel of sake (Japanese rice-wine) is cracked on the top with wooden hammers to celebrate the success of APMC 2006. The APMC 2006 Microwave Prize will be given to the winners selected by the Prize Committee from all participants presenting a paper at the conference. As special entertainment, the Banquet will feature a professional performance of traditional Japanese drums called "Taiko". Taiko practitioners have been instrumental in introducing Japanese traditional culture worldwide, and the performances are said to convey heart to heart the spirit of Japan.

Tea Ceremony

Would you like to enjoy a tea ceremony between your busy sessions or exhibitions? The tea ceremony will be held for all APMC 2006 participants. Ladies wearing Japanese traditional kimonos will serve you a bowl of green tea "maccha" and a Japanese-style confection "okashi". You will find the atmosphere of the tea ceremony comfortable and relaxing the gentle bubbling sound of water in a teakettle, the fragrance of incense, the lovely flower arrangements, and the artistic calligraphy on a scroll hanging in the alcove.

The Way of Tea ceremony "Chanoyu" is a Japanese cultural tradition. In the 16th century, Tea Master Rikyu Sen established the foundations of "Chanoyu", where one respects everyone without distinction of status or rank. That is, the spiritual aspect is the most important in "Chanoyu". The culture of "Chanoyu" has greatly influenced various aspects of Japanese culture, such as architecture, gardening, textiles, food, and cooking. You can experience the entire process of "Chanoyu" in a hiroma (tatami-mat room) as shown in the photo 1. For those who prefer a more casual style, ryurei-seki (a less formal tea ceremony with tables and chairs) will also be offered for your comfort.

It is our pleasure that we provide you with everything you need to relax at the tea ceremony room.
     Date: Thursday, December 14, 2006
     Time: 12:00-16:00
     Place: Tea ceremony room "Kaiko-an", 65F,Yokohama Royal Park Hotel in Landmark Tower
     Tickets: 1,000 JPY per person at the registration desk