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Wednesday, December 08  15:00-16:30

Room G (315)


Design of Low Power High Linearity Front-End Circuit with a Novel LNA Architecture
C.-H. Wu, Y.-P. Lin, Lunghwa Univ. of Science and Technology, TAIWAN
Application of Genetic Algorithm to Multi-Objective Optimization in LNA Design
A. Prasad¹, M. Roy², A. Biswas¹, D. George², ¹Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, INDIA, ²Univ. of Manchester, Manchester, U.K.
A High Dynamic Range Wide-Band Switched Gain Controlled LNA in 0.18μm CMOS
B. Park, J.H. Jung, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), REPUBLIC of KOREA
A 4mW Current-Reused WiMAX LNA with Resistance-Feedback Topology in 0.18μm CMOS
C.-H. Wu¹, H.-T. Chou², Y.-G. Lyu¹, ¹Lunghwa Univ. of Science and Technology, TAIWAN, ²National Central Univ., TAIWAN
Analysis of Parasitic Effects in Ultra Wideband Low Noise Amplifier Based on EM Simulation
N. Seong, Y. Lee, Y. Jang, J. Choi, Hanyang Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA
Ultra Low Phase Noise C-Band Oscillators with Combined Frequency Stabilization
N. Shtin¹, J.M.L. Romero², ¹SMK Electronics, MEXICO, ²CENAM, MEXICO
A W-Band Cascaded Double-Stage Distributed Low-Noise Amplifier Using Feedback Transmission Line
T.T.L. Nguyen, S.-W. Moon, S.-H. Jung, M. Han, J.-K. Rhee, S.D. Kim, Dongguk Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA
Gm-Boosted Balanced Colpitts Compared to Conventional Balanced Colpitts and Cross-Coupled VCOs in InGaP HBT Technology
S. Lai, D. Kuylenstierna, I. Angelov, B. Hansson, R. Kozhuharov, H. Zirath, Chalmers Univ. of Technology, SWEDEN
Noise Suppression Using IC Resin Package Filled with Globular Ferrite
K. Yamamoto¹, K. Haeiwa², Y. Sato¹, ¹Toda Kogyo Corp.,JAPAN, ²Hiroshima City Univ., JAPAN
Low Phase Noise Push-Push VCO using Microstrip Square Open Loop Multiple Split Ring Resonator and Rat Race Coupler
J. Choi, C. Seo, Soongsil Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA
Analysis of Dispersion in Intermodulation Distortion in GaN HEMT Devices
S.A. Albahrani, A.E. Parker, V. Gutta, Macquarie Univ., AUSTRALIA
Design Technique for MM-Wave IC Realization of the Load Network of Switched-Mode Class-E3F2 Power Amplifier
M. Thian, V. Fusco, Queen's Univ. Belfast, U.K.
Highly Linear and Efficient Unsymmetrical Inverted Doherty Power Amplifier Employing Phase Compensation
S.-H. Kam¹, M.-W. Lee¹, Y.-S. Lee², Y.-H. Jeong¹, ¹Pohang Univ. of Science and Technology, REPUBLIC of KOREA, ²Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., REPUBLIC of KOREA
Analysis and Implementation of Inverse Class-F Power Amplifier for 3.5GHz Transmitters
Y. Xu, J. Wang, X. Zhu, Southeast Univ., CHINA
Design of a 40Watt Ultra Broadband Linear Power Amplifier Using LDMOSFETs
M. Seo¹, K. Kim¹, M. Kim¹, H. Kim¹, J. Jeon¹, J. Sim², M. Park², Y. Yang¹, ¹SungKyunKwan Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA, ²Peopleworks, Inc., REPUBLIC of KOREA
A 100Watt Ultra-Broadband Power Amplifier Using Silicon LDMOSFETs
J. Sim¹, J. LIm¹, M. Park¹, S.-W. Seo², B.-I. Mah², ¹Peopleworks, Inc., REPUBLIC of KOREA, ²LIG Nex1 Co., Ltd., REPUBLIC of KOREA
Modeling and Implementation of High Efficient Class-F-1 Power Amplifier
J.H. Kim, G.C. Lee, J.H. Jung, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), REPUBLIC of KOREA
Tunable Delay Compensation Circuit in Polar Loop Transmitter for WiMAX Applications
Y.-W. Chang, C.-N. Kuo, National Chiao Tung Univ., TAIWAN
Class E Dual Band PA Performances with PAPR Repartition in the Context of Nomadic Multi-Radio Architecture
A. Diet¹, A. Bahi², M. Villegas², G. Baudoin², ¹LSS-DRE UMR8506 (CNRS, Supelec, Université Paris-Sud 11), FRANCE, ²Université Paris-Est, FRANCE
Efficiency Enhancement of a Tunable RF Power Amplifier by Second Harmonic Manipulation Using Thin-Film BST Varactor
F. Ali¹, R. Gloeckler², R. Weigel¹, G. Fischer¹, ¹Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg, GERMANY, ²ST-Ericsson, GERMANY
A High Efficiency VHF GaN HEMT Class E Power Amplifier for Public and Homeland Security Applications
E. Khansalee, N. Puangngernmak, S. Chalermwisutkul, King Mongkut's Univ. of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB), THAILAND
Orthogonal Polynomial Based Hammerstein Behavioral Model for Power Amplifiers with Strong Memory Effects
O. Hammi, King Fahd Univ. of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), SAUDI ARABIA
DC and RF Performance of AlN / GaN MOS-HEMTs
S. Taking¹, D. MacFarlane¹, A.Z. Khokhar¹, A.M. Dabiran², E. Wasige¹, ¹Univ. of Glasgow, U.K., ²SVT Associates Inc., U.K.
A Dual-Band SiGe HBT Differential VCO Using a Control Voltage for Both Band-Switching and Frequency-Tuning
W. Cao, Y. Tashiro, Y. Itoh, Shonan Institute of Technology, JAPAN
Design a 5GHz Low Power CMOS LC VCO for IEEE 802.11a Application
M.-T. Hsu, J.-A. Huang, National Yunlin Univ. of Science and Technology, TAIWAN
A Ultra Low Power 5.4-GHz Current-Reused VCO with Internal LC Series Resonance in 0.18-μm CMOS Technology
I.-S. Shen, H.-T. Ke, C.F. Jou, National Chiao Tung Univ., TAIWAN
Maximum Instability Curves of a Microwave Series-Feedback Oscillator
R.-F. Kuo, T.-H. Chu, National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN
A New Low Power Voltage Controlled Oscillator Based on Bandwidth Enhancement Technique
T.N. Nguyen, J.-W. Lee, Kyung Hee Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA
A Low Phase Noise Oscillator Using Spur Line Resonator for I-Band Application
B. Shrestha, R.K. Maharjan, S. Cho, K.-C. Yoon, N.-Y. Kim, Kwangwoon Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA
Implementation of New SP6T Switch Achieving High Quality and Small Size at Same Time
O.C. Shin, Y.S. Kim, I.H. Jeong, Korea Polytechnic Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA
Gain Stability Analysis of a Millimeter Wave Superconducting Heterodyne Receiver for Radio Astronomy
W. Shan, Z. Li, S. Shi, J. Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), CHINA
Filter-Based Low Phase-Noise Microwave Oscillators
Y.-W. Huang, C.-L. Chang, C.-H. Tseng, National Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology, TAIWAN
1V 4.8mW 42.6-45.6GHz CMOS Voltage Controlled Oscillator for IEEE 802.15.3c Wireless Communication System
Z.-Y. Huang¹², C.-C. Hung¹, ¹National Chiao Tung Univ., TAIWAN, ²Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), TAIWAN
A Novel 180° Microstrip Phase Shifter Based on Cascaded Branch-Line Couplers for Direct QPSK Modulation
N. Youngthanisara¹, P. Phudpong², T. Rergmaneewan¹, P. Booppha¹, ¹Kasem Bundit Univ., THAILAND, ²National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), THAILAND
100Watt HMIC Asymmetric PIN Diode Switch
A. Rozbicki, T. Boles, J.J. Brogle, R. Giacchino, M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc., U.S.A.
Frequency Multiplier Using Diplexer Based on Composite Right / Left-Handed Transmission Line
Y.-W. Jung¹, S.-H. Kim¹, Y. Kim¹, Y.-C. Yoon², ¹Kumoh National Institute of Technology, REPUBLIC of KOREA, ²Kwandong Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA
A Novel Oscillator with Very Low Phase Noise Using Double H-Shape Metamaterial Resonator
D. Shin¹, C. Lee¹, C. Park¹, Y. Moon¹, J. Lee², C. Seo¹, ¹Soongsil Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA, ²Hongik Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA
A Third-Order Subharmonic Injection Locked Oscillator with Wide Locking Range and Low Phase Noise
H.-S. Lee¹, W.-S. Yoon¹², S.-M. Han³, D.-M. In¹, S. Pyo¹, Y.-S. Kim¹, ¹Korea Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA, ²Samsung Thales, REPUBLIC of KOREA, ³Soonchunhyang Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA
A Consideration on Numerical Calculation of Q-Factors in Oscillation Circuit Based on Formulation of S Parameters
S. Takeda¹, K. Ohue¹, F. Kuroki¹, T. Ohira², ¹Kure National College of Technology, JAPAN ²Toyohashi Univ. of Technology, JAPAN
A 24-GHz Highly Integrated Transceiver in 0.5-μm E/D-PHEMT Process for FMCW Automotive Radar Applications
C.-H. Lin, Y.-S. Wu, Y.-L. Yeh, S.-H. Weng, G.-Y. Chen, C.-H. Shen, H.-Y. Chang, National Central Univ., TAIWAN
A Single-Ended Direct Conversion Front-End Transmitter with ESD Protection for WiMAX Application
C.-H. Chang, S. Wu, K. Chen, C.-C. Wang, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), TAIWAN
A Dynamic Bias Boosting Technique for a High Efficiency Linear HBT Dual Band Power Amplifier
Z. Gu, S. Zhang, Analog Devices, U.S.A.
A DC-20GHz CMOS Active Power Divider Design
J.-Y. Huang¹, H.-I. Wu¹, R. Hu¹, C.F. Jou¹, D.-C Niu², ¹National Chiao Tung Univ., TAIWAN, ²Chun-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, TAIWAN
A Compact Flip Chip High Power Amplifier Module for Mobile Applications
C. Yuen, D. Chu, K. Laursen, H. Do, Y.-C. Pao, Epic Communications, Inc., U.S.A.
A 0.4-6GHz Variable-Gain Driver Amplifier for Software-Defined Radio
K.-T. Lin¹, H.-K. Chen¹, T. Wang², S.-S. Lu¹, ¹National Taiwan Univ., TAIWAN, ²Chang Gung Univ., TAIWAN
A Ka-Band Receiver Front End Module
J. Chen, P. Yan, W. Hong, Southeast Univ., CHINA
A 60-GHz 2×2 Phased-Array Transmitter Using Injection-Locked Oscillator in 0.18μm CMOS Technology
F.-H. Huang, C.-C. Chen, H.-Y. Chang, Y.-M. Hsin, National Central Univ., TAIWAN
Flicker Noise and Power Performance of CMOS Gilbert Mixers Using Static and Dynamic Current-Injection Techniques
H.-J. Wei¹, C. Meng¹, H.-I. Chien¹, H.-L. Lu¹, J.-S. Syu¹, G.-W. Huang², ¹National Chiao Tung Univ., TAIWAN, ²National Nano Device Lab., TAIWAN
Design of A Down / Up Conversion Mixer with Built-In Oscillator
C.-H. Wu, W.-H. Huang, Lunghwa Univ. of Science and Technology, TAIWAN
Low Voltage Low Power 5-GHz Double-Balanced Mixer with Active Phase Splitter
Y.-L. Liu, C.-H. Li, C.-N. Kuo, National Chiao Tung Univ., TAIWAN
Cold-Mode Characteristics of 90nm CMOS Device with Negative Body Bias and Highly Linear Millimeter-Wave Switch Applications
G.-Y. Chen¹, H.-Y. Chang¹, C.-Y. Chan¹, W.-H. Tu¹, C.-S. Lin², K. Chen², S.-H. Wu², ¹National Central Univ., TAIWAN, ²Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), TAIWAN
24 GHz CMOS Voltage Controlled Oscillator Based on the Open Loop Multiple Split Ring Resonator
S. Ko, H. Kim, J. Choi, B. Lee, J. Cho, C. Seo, Soongsil Univ., REPUBLIC of KOREA
A Dual Wideband and Low Phase-Noise CMOS Voltage-Controlled Oscillator with a Transformer-Based Switching Resonator
K.-C. Lu¹, Y.-J. Chen¹, T.-S. Horng¹, J.-M. Wu², ¹National Sun Yat-sen Univ., TAIWAN, ²National Kaohsiung Normal Univ., TAIWAN
Evaluation of CMOS Power Amplifier for Millimeter Super Broadband Wireless Systems with Beam Forming Antenna
H. Nakase, S. Kato, Tohoku Univ., JAPAN
A CMOS BPSK Transmitter with a Monitoring Demodulator Embedded
H.-C. Wang¹, J.-C. Juang¹, C.-L. Lu², ¹National Cheng Kung Univ., TAIWAN, ²Kun Shan Univ., TAIWAN
A Low Power Mixer with LC Phase Shifters for a Single-End Input
R.-L. Wang¹, H.-H. Chien², C.-C. Chuang², C.-H. Liu², Y.-K. Su², ¹National Kaohsiung Normal Univ., TAIWAN, ²National Cheng Kung Univ., TAIWAN